Picking an Outfit for the Night: 4 Tips and Tricks

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and everyone is busy trying to find the perfect outfit to end the year with a bang. If you have not gotten the time to go out and shop for the perfect new dress, you might be quite confused about what to wear. If you have a date this day, you might be especially worried about picking the right outfit in order to impress your date. Last-minute dressing up is not fun if you do not know how to style your clothes properly. Do not worry, we have got you covered. Here are some tips and tricks that we have gotten from expert stylists to help you always be ready for the perfect night out. 

Keep it casual

You do not always have to wow people with a magnificent dress that you can only wear once. Teaming up a nice pair of jeans along with a great top can be amazing if you know how to style it correctly. A silky blouse with a dark pair of denim will be great for ringing in the new year. Be sure to choose jeans that flatter your body style. Boot cut jeans and bell-bottoms are great for curvier women, while straight fit and low rise are better for skinnier women. 

Get an accent piece

Now that you have the major part of your outfit lined up, it is now time to choose an accent piece. You can not possibly wear every trend at once. Choosing one bold item that will make a statement can help add style and playfulness to your outfit. For example, if you wear a jumpsuit, pair it up with some luxury earrings to add a bold statement to your clothes. You can even think of pairing up some chunky jewellery such as a bracelet or a necklace for some extra pizazz. A bold bomber can also help you make quite the statement.

Layer correctly

Winters will definitely check your ability to layer clothes in a manner that looks appealing. Remember to also be practical for your night out since it will be quite cold. Layering does not have to look stuffed, it can also look quite chic if done correctly. Pick out layers that complement each other instead of working against each other. You can try to use a long cardigan over your outfit if it fits correctly. Also, think of scarves and stolls as a way to define your face. 

Choose your shoes

Now that all of your outfit is ready, it is now time to focus on your footwear. Wearing heels with bell-bottom jeans will accentuate your figure. Boots are also a great option for someone who wants to look a bit bolder. If you are bar hopping or have to walk around a lot, choose flats that are easy to walk in but cute enough to complement your outfit. Do not wear flip-flops or slippers.

Finding an outfit at the last minute can give you quite a sense of panic. Follow these steps to make sure that you have the perfect outfit every single time. 

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