Picking the Perfect Accessories to Go With Your Style

Accessories are important to help compliment your outfit, but it can often be difficult to choose the right pieces especially if you’re new to creating your own style. Whether it’s a watch, a necklace or even a time piece, there are many kinds of accessories that you can consider when picking out your outfit. To help you make it fit and not look out of place, we’ve put together a few tips to help you accessorise perfectly for your next big day out.

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Picking the Right Colours

To start with, let’s talk about colours. Neutral colours such as white and black will complement any kind of coloured accessory. We’re talking sparking ruby necklaces, diamond earrings or even a pair of coloured glasses. Whatever the case may be, a neutral dress or shirt can be paired with just about anything because it never clashes. However, if you’ve decided to wear a bold outfit then we need to start thinking about colour theory.

To start with, take a look at a colour wheel. The primary colours are red, blue and yellow. Secondaries are mixes of those colours. For instance, red and blue create purple. With this in mind, a general rule of thumb is to use colours that are analogous to each other. In other words, a primary colour usually pairs extremely well with secondary colours that are created from it. This means that wearing red, purple and blue rings will give you a unique and interesting look.

However, if you want to stand out even more, then you need to pick colours on the opposite side of the wheel. For instance, if you’re wearing a purple dress then wearing green accessories will make the colours clash, but they’re so bold and gives you a daring personality that will surely stand out. Of course, you should also limit the colours you use so that it doesn’t overpower your main outfit.

 Source: Pexels

Matching Class and Outfit

The style of your outfit also needs to be taken into consideration. If you’re aiming for a professional look then layering multiple colourful necklaces is a terrible idea. Instead, consider Dutch Time Pieces or neutrally-coloured jewellery to help you remain professional yet stylish. However, if you’re out partying and want to stand out, then use the tips from before and use clashing colours to create a unique style that is personal and unique to you.

The size of your accessories will also play a huge part in the style. For instance, if you’re trying to keep it discreet and professional then you’ll rarely ever wear something big and bold. However, if you’re out to look professional and daring then you shouldn’t be afraid of layering multiple big necklaces, hanging hoops from your ears and adorning your hair with large coloured clips.

In short, learning what colours go well is important, but so is understanding what your outfit is trying to convey. These are important considerations to keep in mind when you’re trying to pick the perfect accessories, so don’t overlook them!

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