A Guide to Finding Your Signature Style

celebrity signature styleFinding your signature style can make life so much easier. You’ll know what you’re looking for when you shop, and you’ll know exactly what to put on every day. That isn’t to say you can’t experiment with different styles. You just need to have an idea of what you like and don’t like! This guide will help you:

Write Down 10 of Your Favourite Items

Start by taking a look in your wardrobe and writing down 10 of your favourite items. Less if you don’t have that many, more if you really love the items. Then, when you have a list you’re happy with, try to decide what it is about the items you love the most. You shouldn’t just like the way the item looks; it should be an item you have worn multiple times and gotten your wear out of. These are the best items in your wardrobe and you’ll want to purchase items similar in the future.

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Write a List of Items You Don’t Wear

We’ve all bought something and then left it hanging for months. Write down the items in your wardrobe you don’t wear, or the items you have worn but didn’t like too much. Now work out why. What was it you didn’t like about those items? Paying attention to this aspect of your wardrobe will stop you from making the same mistakes in the future!

Use 3 Words to Describe Your Style

If possible, come up with 3 words that describe your style. Are you happy with them? If yes, great! If not, come up with 3 words you’d like to describe your style. Then, when you shop, only buy items that fit this description. Providing you know you’ll wear them, that is! Clothes shopping online is a great way to do this, as you can easily compare certain items!

Decide on Your Favourite Colours

Decide on your favourite colours. Try to stick to a specific colour palette if possible, so you can easily mix up everything in your wardrobe to create a new and exciting look. These colours should enhance your looks, but not wash you out. It’s usually down to your skin tone and eye color! However, if you really love a colour and it makes you feel great, you can still wear it. Just try to find the right tone for you.

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Find a ‘Calling Card’

Everybody who has a signature style should think of a ‘calling card’ too. What would you like your signature look to be? Maybe you like aviator sunglasses, or colourful scarves. Think of something you’d like to be remembered for.

Use this guide to help you find your own unique signature style. Don’t forget; it’s OK to try new things that you may consider not your usual style too. But knowing your signature style will help you to put outfits together easily. How would you like the world to see you? Ask yourself that before you get dressed. Being alive is a special occasion, so dress well each day!

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