Quick Ways to Organise Your Home Office

The amount of work that we get done and our ability to focus depends a lot on the organisation of our office space. So, before we dive in head first into the sea of work obligations it would be wise to dedicate a bit of time to office organisation.

In order not to waste too much of your time on organising your office, here are a few quick tips that will get the job done in no time.

Choose the right lighting

Lighting is essential for office organisation. First, it affects your ability to concentrate and it preserves your eyesight. If possible, make sure that the furniture placement in your home office is such that you get optimal amounts of daylight. In addition, opt for LED lighting so that you not only preserve your eyesight but also save some money on your energy bill as well. Make sure you avoid working under direct lighting since you want to avoid creating undue glare and contrast while at the same time trying not to cast shadows. You can also include some ambience light in order to make your home office feel warm and inviting.

Getting rid of clutter

You might call it your creative mess but in reality, it isn’t. Plus it looks quite disorganised to any potential client that walks through those doors. The first step is sorting out what you do or don’t need. A great organisational tip is getting colourful boxes that fit on your shelves, that way everything you need will be within your reach, you will easily recognise the box and most importantly your desk will be clean and orderly. One more thing, don’t forget to shed and recycle, don’t let the unnecessary paperwork pile up, get rid of everything you do not need and that way save on free space in your office.

Create several stations

Compartmentalise, create several working stations within your office. For example, the printing station should contain, apart from the obvious printer and paper, additional necessary office supplies like staples and correction tape so that you can resolve any task quickly and efficiently. This will save you the time you would spend on walking around your home office trying to find what is where and managing your printed papers in five different places. Another great station is mail station, have all your mail in one place and sort it according to importance. You can dedicate a couple of minutes each day to go through it, getting rid of what you don’t need and filing the rest.

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Mind the cables

With all the technology you have at your home office you can be in real danger of stepping over or tripping on numerous electrical cables. Now, to avoid such an unpleasant situation, it is important to plan ahead and create space for all the cables. There are different ways to go about this issue, most effective being getting cable raceways that are connected to your desk and under it or are screwed to the wall so that they are not all over the floor. This will give your office an orderly look and you won’t be in danger of pulling them and breaking some of your tech in the process.

Opt for a message or vision board

Having a planner on your computer and your phone is great, but nothing can beat a well-organised message board. You can dedicate a large chunk of your wall to it and place it within your range of sight when you are sitting at your table. Having colourful sticky notes is a great option but you can also mix in some charts and graphs as well as some nice reminders like posters and holiday cards to remember why you do what you do. In addition, your clients will feel appreciated if they see a card they’ve sent you up there as well.

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals. It’s amazing how you can attract what you want into your life or business when it is there to see everyday.

There you have it, five quick tips on organising your home office. Applying them will save you a lot of time and create a lot more productive environment so that you can finish all your tasks much more efficiently. Plus, a well-organised office is sure to leave a great impression an all your clients.

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  • Kostas Chiotis

    Absolutely can’t have any clutter in a home office. You have to say goodbye to productivity if you do. However it’s not impossible to do so, if you get the right furniture, storage space, shelving and all the tips you suggest. Thanks for sharing!

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