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Reasons to Pick Pine over Other Wood Types

Among the softwood varieties, pine is one of the most commonly used. It makes for an excellent material for construction and furniture making. This is why many houses, external structures, and furnishings are made out of the type of wood which a lot of manufacturers, such as Pinewood Products, offer as treated lumber.

Many reasons exist why pine is a popular type of softwood then and now. Traditionally, it is the wood of choice for making anything that needs to have an unmistakable colonial or rustic appeal. These days, however, it is also suitable for the creation of contemporary pieces.

For kitchen remodelling, creation of customised furniture, installation of a gazebo, and many other tasks that need wood, pine is one of the top choices for construction firms and homeowners alike. It doesn’t really come as a surprise since pinewood comes with a lot of advantages. Some of the most important ones include:

Highly Renewable

Do you genuinely care about the welfare of the planet? Well and then pinewood should be on the top of your list each time there’s a wooden project to complete. Trees that produce hardwood take 100 long years to mature. Pine trees, on the other hand, only require 25 to 30 years to grow fully. Because it’s highly renewable, there is no need to feel guilty each time you partake in construction-related tasks that require pinewood.

Naturally Beautiful

It’s hard to mistake pine for another type of wood. It has a characteristic light colour with grain patterns. Because of this, many choose to allow the natural physical characteristics of pine wood to shine by applying clear finishes. If you want to alter its signature light colour and make the wood grains more noticeable, you may consider staining pine. Using no finish is possible, but this can cause the material to yellow, dry, crack, and deteriorate faster.

Trouble-Free to Work With

Especially if you want to own a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, pinewood makes for excellent material. It is softer than hardwood, which is a good thing because it’s easier for carpenters and furniture makers to manipulate it to their (as well as the client’s) heart’s content. Because it’s easy to work with, it is possible to complete a project in no time, thereby allowing you to stay well within one’s budget.


Speaking of budget, those who do not wish to end up with a gigantic hole in their pockets choose pinewood over any other type of wood. It’s because pine is one of the most affordable softwoods on the planet. One reason for this is that the wood is highly renewable, as earlier discussed. The cheap price tag is also partly because pine trees tend to grow in many countries.

Resistant to Damage

Despite being easy on the pocket, pinewood is not that easy to damage. That is why it’s a well-known flooring material, including for structures situated outside the house. Treated pine lumber that manufacturers like Pinewood Products provide tends to last longer than their untreated counterparts. For making pine even more durable, the use of a finish is a good idea.

Many reasons exist why pine wood is one of the most revered construction and furniture manufacturing materials out there. Giving it the right kind of care allows you to enjoy decks, gazebos, chairs, shelves, bed frames, and others made out of pine for many years to come.

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