What to Expect out of Your First Beach Festival Outfit

When you are planning to go to a beach party with our friends, your first plan is to shop for a bikini. However, most people there would be wearing a bikini, so it’s harder for you to stand out. 

Each coastline and cities in the United States probably have their own beach party. It is an excellent way to draw visitors and put their areas on the tourism map, thereby generating more revenues to the government. One of the biggest is the Carolina Beach Music Festival, which actually started in 1985. It draws a steady stream of attendees who come in their different festival outfits.

Another is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Festival, which takes place typically in September of every year and features free concerts right there at the beach. You can dance the whole day and take a dip at the beach to cool down.

If this is your first beach festival, you can expect the following:

  • Plenty of side games — There would be plenty of opportunities to have fun. There are parlour games with prizes and other activities that would encourage participants to socialise and mingle. 
  • Water sports — Organisers will also offer lessons on some water activities like paddle boarding, surfing, paragliding, jet skiing, and kayaking. You can typically rent the equipment. Some lessons are free, and some require payment per hour.
  • Souvenir shops — Organisers earn through merchandise and souvenirs. The merch also serves another purpose, which is to promote it to people who might not have been aware of the event.
  • Colourful people — Henna tattoo artists, buskers, merchandise sellers, and other struggling artists will flock to beach festivals like bees to honey. Of course, it is based on whether or not the organisers will allow them inside. 
  • Food — These beach parties will also be teeming with food stalls and food trucks. If you are from a different place, make sure to stay away from hotdog stalls and instead sample the local cuisine to get a feel of the culture through food.

Also, if you are from out of town, you want to explore the new surroundings, which means you might have to step out of the beach for a second. 

Instead of just the bikini, there are other festival outfits that you can wear to the beach, for instance, crop tops, tube tops, high-waisted shorts, sundresses, maxi dresses, and valley dresses, among others. You can also wear a sheer skirt or a Sarong over your bikini, which would help you become less self-conscious when exploring the local sights. 

Preparing for Your Festival

With that said, you also need to prepare your body to make sure you are fully healthy on the day of the party. You might have already finished shopping for your festival outfits but getting sick would sideline you from the event. Rather than partying, you’d be spending the whole day on the bed nursing a sickness. 

So, make sure you get enough sleep days prior to the festival, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and load up on supplements to boost your immune system. Of course, if you are conscious about your body, a little diet and exercise won’t hurt so you would be more comfortable showing off your beach body.

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