Rescuing a stray cat? Here’s how to settle the newcomer

Congratulations! If you’ve decided to adopt a little cat. No doubt it’s a wonderful and exciting time for you and your family. But, it can also turn out to be a stressful moment for people who are not familiar with cat’s behavior. Actually, kittens are a little sensitive to new surroundings. Unfamiliarity can be quite unnerving, resulting in a scared cat. 

They may hide under your bed for a day or may for a whole week. Adjusting to a totally new environment can be stressful for them. And it can be challenging for you to handle such situations. Sometimes it takes months of patience and love to ease the new animal at home. 

But some steps of understanding can make things easy for you and your pet. If you find the signs of fear and stress in your new pet, the below steps can help you to deal with it. These tips will help your kitten to make a stable transition at your place . 

So, let’s discover them!! 

Provide them a safe place to stay

You don’t know from which environment the little furball has come. So, they’ll take a little time to set a new territory at your place. Till then, they might like some safe and quiet space to hide and get settled. Hence, it would be a great idea if you confine the kitten to a noise-free room until it gets comfortable. 

When it slowly starts to get comfortable, you can let it explore the rest of the place. But be sure the room has plenty of space and a safe surrounding. If you have any sharp things inside the room, consider covering or removing them from the place. Ensure that the room is quiet since hard noises can frighten the little animal. 

Recognise the stressful signs

It’s normal that the kitten will be a little stressed and anxious about the surroundings. You need to understand the signs of stress to calm the new pet. The symptoms may include less appetite, hiding all the time, and lack of interest. Some may even sleep in unusual places. Some kittens might even become quiet, and others can behave aggressively. 

No doubt, your house is much more comfortable than the place where it used to live. Still, the change can cause fear in them. Watch out for the above-written signs and seek the help of experts for better results.

Organise their eating and toiletries 

Most of the time, new pets prefer privacy. So, most probably, your cat will eat, drink and litter when no one is around. It might also be possible that the kitten denies such activities for a day or two. But don’t worry. It’s pretty normal. Ensure you keep trying to soothe your new pet. 

When you offer them food, ensure that you’re leaving them alone. Doing so will help them relax and take the food calmly. And, don’t forget to consider the hygiene of the bowl you’re offering the food in. Filthy containers can harm the health of your kitten. Also, it would be best suitable if you’re offering them the food in elevated cat bowls to allow them to enjoy their meals comfortably. 

And, don’t forget to provide them a suitable place for littering. You can place some shredded newspapers or sandboxes around them. It may happen that initially, they don’t use the box, but don’t worry. Give them some time, and eventually, they’ll learn to use the box as well. 

Set up the sleeping arrangements 

Not most of them, but all the cats choose some favourite places to sleep. Where they can feel warmth and comfort. But you won’t like sleeping in dangerous areas, such as the kitchen shelf or near electrical tools. So, providing a very comfortable bed or box can encourage the furball to sleep on it. 

You can buy a cat bed from the market or online, or you can prepare one at home as well. If you choose to make one, ensure that you’re selecting a box with enough space for the kitten to move. Cover it with soft and comfy washable covers.

And, yes, please don’t disturb the kitten while sleeping. Your furball needs solitude and silence to sleep. 

Try bonding with them, but steadily 

The ability of animals to get along with humans is better than human-to-human interaction. They adapt to other individuals in less time. So, to befriend the new pet, you must spend time with it. But don’t hurry. The rush can ruin your efforts, as suddenness can frighten the kitten. 

You can start with sitting on the floor idly. Try to lower down your level as much as you can. Matching the eye level with your kitten can ease them quickly. You can just watch your mobile screen, read books and do other activities while sitting on the floor. 

Basically, it gives them the idea that these are your usual activities which aren’t harmful to them. Slowly they’ll get used to it, and possibly they’ll start coming to you to play. Once they start accepting you, you can give your playing hand to them. 

Once comfortable, go for grooming 

It looks like attempting the above points have helped you befriend your pet. So, now your kitty has started feeling safe around you. Now it’s time to move further in the process of their grooming. As hygiene is important, right? 

Take them for their first session with a veterinarian. The professionals will guide you through to take care of your furball. For example, brushing their teeth, grooming them, and nutrition. Also, they’ll help you to inspect the health of your pet. If they find any, you both can discuss it and get a solution. 

Wrapping up

Taking care of a pet is similar to taking care of a little baby. You need to be full of patience and love. If your kitten is not coming to you initially, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t like you. Maybe the kitty needs a little more time to bond with you?

Don’t worry, friend, you’ll gain their trust soon. Keep trying. Also, don’t forget to buy them cat toys and treats. They’ll definitely love it!! 

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