Leave a Lasting Impression with These Delicious Corporate Gifts

When it comes to doing business, everything is relative but one thing is certain – everyone wants to feel appreciated. It doesn’t matter on which side of the deal you are, getting your value as a client, entity or employee acknowledged feels undeniably good. If you’re a business owner, you surely strive to turn leads into prospects, strengthen relationships with existing clients and improve employee motivation and loyalty. 

One way you can achieve all these things is by corporate gift-giving. If you’re thinking, “well I’ve already sent some branded pens, notepads and stickers, that should cut it” – think again. Business gifts didn’t come a long way through the years for nothing. They’re an indispensable part of every successful business relationship for a reason. 

The simplest explanation why gifting is important in business is that it shows your appreciation and keeps your company on top of prospects’ and clients’ minds all year round. Of course, this only applies if you did a hell of a job in choosing the said gifts. But what are good corporate gifts anyways? Do you need to spend thousands of dollars to impress your clients? 

How to Choose a Business Gift that WOWs Every Time

The key to the perfect business gift that wows is personalization, not lavishness. What good is the most exquisite bottle of liquor to a person who hates alcohol? Or a box of fine meats and cheese to a vegan? The only thing that you’ll express with such a gesture is indifference and that completely defies the purpose of corporate gift-giving. 

To ensure you choose infallible gifts, do your research first. Learn more about the interests, hobbies and likes of the receiver/s and then start your gift hunt. Luckily this second part is easy peasy since there are tons of cost-effective yet thoughtful corporate gifts Australia gift delivery services have in store. And the best part is, some companies offer full customisation of corporate gifts online in just a few easy clicks.  

For instance, if you opt for edible corporate gifts, you can have them wrapped in your company’s colours with your logo proudly displayed on the hamper. Bonus points if you add a personal touch with a greeting card or a thank you note! Now that you know how to nail the perfect corporate gift, scroll down below and get inspired by these mouth-watering gift ideas that leave no one unimpressed.

Raise a Glass to a Strong Business Relationship 

Your relationship with your current clients isn’t something that should be taken for granted. Show them how much you value your relationship by sending a delicious corporate gift every once in a while. This won’t cost you much, yet it’ll ensure continuity of partnership for the years that come.

If you want to put your brand’s best face forward, consider sending a champagne hamper filled with fine Belgian chocolate. It’s no secret that champagne bubbles make everything feel more special, but if you opt for a renowned bottle of bubbly such as Moet or Hentley, you’re bound to delight the lucky recipient. 

For instance, a Moet Indulgence hamper is a fine example of how a corporate gift should look like. Include an exquisite bottle of Moet NV Brut champagne and a generous amount of everyone’s favourite Lindor balls in the hamper. Then, have it gorgeously arranged in a stylish keepsake ice bucket that can be customised with your brand’s logo. 

But what if your client prefers hops over grapes? No worries, a Craft Beer Hamper is always here to delight his or her taste buds with flavourful craft brews. You can combine a craft beer together with a meticulously crafted chocolate bouquet filled with Lindt balls and chocolate stars, perfect for sharing while you plan your next business moves together!

Keep Your Brand in Front of the Right Eyes

Apart from edible gifts that can win everyone’s hearts, sending plants to your prospects or clients is also a great idea. Wait, don’t you mean flowers? No. Living plants are a better choice for several reasons. First, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’ll flourish on the recipient’s desk for many years to come reminding him or her of the amazing things you’ve achieved together. 

Second, it represents your company as an eco-conscious entity that praises sustainability and inspires others to do the same. Why waste money on freshly cut flowers wrapped in plastic that’ll end up in the trash in a week or so when you can send them a lovely earth-loving present that’ll become even more beautiful as time passes by. 

Last but not least, not only that living plants are absolutely gorgeous, some of them have an incredibly amazing symbolic meaning. Take the low-maintenance and stylish succulents for an example. According to Feng Shui, succulents bring wealth, good fortune and prosperity. They’re also perceived as symbols of endurance and tenacity. What a perfect message to send to your clients, right? 

Although just the plant itself is sure to brighten someone’s day, you can go a step further by choosing a Succulent Hamper that features some delicious treats and a refreshing drink or two to wash it all down with right there at the moment.

Another plant that’s worth considering in corporate gift-giving is, of course, the Money Tree. Similarly to the succulents, it’s widely believed that this lush plant attracts money, wealth and luck. No matter which one you go for, you’ll surely delight the recipient. 

Gift Your Employees the Gift of Quality Me-Time

Proud of your hardworking team? Say it like you mean it with a marvellous gift! Surprise your champions with a much-deserved pamper hamper filled with their favourite treats and things that will help them unwind. Giving praise where praise is due is a surefire way to improve employee’s loyalty and commitment. Plus they don’t say actions speak louder than words for nothing; a thoughtful gift can beat a “job well done” on any given day. 

For instance, that lady that’s been working overtime on the reg would surely appreciate a “Flix & Chill Treat Box” as a Friday surprise. It comes loaded with choc coated pretzels, Malt balls and Belgian chocolate to make that well-deserved weekend break even sweeter. And like that wasn’t enough, there’s a pair of fluffy slippers included for a real pampering experience. 

A Gin Gift Hamper also makes an awesome gift for the guy or girl that constantly meets and beats your monthly targets. Not only that it comes with everything you need to prepare refreshingly crisp gin tonic, but it features an abundance of local cheeses and crispbreads. Cheers to the weekend!

Bonus Tip: Don’t wait for a special occasion or a holiday to send a corporate gift to valuable team members, prospects or clients. Let them know that you care about them through the whole year!

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