All the Resources You Need for Successful a Blogging Career

Have you already started blogging or are you thinking about starting soon?

We know it can be frightening considering the competition out there, but we can inform you about some useful resources you can use to kick start or speed up your blogging career.

If you are considering turning blogging into a career, we will help you reach more people and be able to influence them. You are writing a blog because you want to share; otherwise, you would keep a diary, right?

So, let us help you get your voice across, ok?

The right platform

If you already have a blog, you are free to skip this part and go to the next one. If not, please know that you do not need any money to have a very nice-looking blog.

Platforms such as WordPress are free, and blogs hosted on them can look stunning if you pick the right theme and combine the colours properly. Also, you can change the theme of your blog at any moment. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Content creation tools

Every blog needs great content, but what if you get stuck?

There are some great resources that can help you a lot with this. If you use Content Idea Generator and put in your subject, let’s say ‘decorations’, it will give you some possible titles that might spark your imagination. The subject can be hilarious but it might inspire you.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator will allow you to enter 3 nouns and will provide you with suggestions based on those nouns.

For any blog, it is important to have a continuous stream of content.

Check and double-check

You might have auto-correct on most of software you use but it does not hurt to check once more. Tools such as Grammarly can help you even more.

There are also others, such as Hemingway Editor, which will further optimize your text by indicating which phrases are too long and need reformulating. They will also give suggestions about words you could replace to make it more appealing to the general public.

Not to forget SEO

If you want your site to rank well for the subject’s your covering, you should find out which keywords you will need to include in the content for search engines to pick it up. You can use Keyword Tool, which will offer you suggestions about searched items you can include in your posts.

You could use Google’s Keyword Planner. These planners might also come in handy if you are lacking inspiration. Or you could hire an SEO Agency to do it for you.

Make it visually appealing

If you’ve got your text covered, but still feel like there’s something missing, keep on reading. Let’s say, for example, that you think that the image you’ve downloaded showing off that perfect outfit combination will be an awesome fit for your text about the perfect night out. But can you use that photo? Keep in mind that you can’t simply use just any photo you found online on your blog, so make sure you use only free stock images.

Also, you can use any photo that you are the author of. Use an open-source tool such as Gimp to modify either the free stock ones or your own to give it some oomph.

Share, share and share

Believe it or not, your own social media networks are the best way to get your message across. When you share your own content on your Facebook page, some of your friends might help you promote it.

But do not stop there. With tools like Flauntt, you can share other people’s content on your Twitter and they can share yours. It’s simple – you have to give to get. And this might help you expand your blogging network as well.

Stay organized

As we said, it is imperative to be active, so make a planner. You can make an event in Google Calendar in order to motivate yourself to post regularly.

If you are more of a list kind of person, consider Trello as it includes To-do, Doing and Done lists and it also allows you to set various deadlines.

Now that we have everything set up and organized, you are ready to become a successful blogger. Happy blogging!

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    This is great! I need to archive this for reference!!!! How do you get this Content Idea Generator ??? Is it just on the internet? Or an app? Hehe! You seem to be the “Content Queen”!!!!!!

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