Why Boiling Water is not enough to make It Safe to Drink?

You may have heard that if you’re ever lost in the wilderness that you should boil any water before drinking it. Of course, you’ll need a container and a fire to do this, but that’s another story.

While this is good advice it doesn’t automatically mean the water is safe to drink, it is merely the safest you can make it in difficult conditions.

That’s not an issue when you’re at home! But, what’s the issue with boiling water?

What Boiling Water Does

When you heat the water to 100°C and it starts to boil then you’ll see the oxygen escaping from the water as all gases are removed. This temperature is sufficient to kill off most known bacteria. 

However, it doesn’t happen instantly, you’ll need to keep it boiling for at least 10 minutes although some guidelines state that 30 minutes is safer.

Bacteria are microscopic things that exist in the water and, if you absorb them, can cause you to become ill. This can range from a mild stomach ache to a life-threatening condition. Getting rid of the bacteria is a good thing.

The Issue With Boiling Water

However, boiling your water will not remove any debris that is in it, and this won’t be visible to the naked eye. It also won’t remove chemicals like lead or chlorine. In short, if there I any other type of contamination then boiling it is not going to be enough to keep you and your family healthy.

It’s a sobering thought and one that you need to act on.

The Solution

The most obvious solution, hen at home, is to speak to a reputable supplier of water filters Sydney and get one fitted to your home. The supplier will help you to choose the right one and this will remove bacteria as well as debris or any other contaminants in your water.

It’s better to get the water filter sorted and fitted now than to wish you had it when a water warning is issued by your state. You’ll be surprised at how cost-effective a water filter can be as well as the fact it can actually improve the taste and odor.

Don’t forget that there doesn’t need to be an emergency situation to make your water contaminated. It’s possible to have your water tested at any time and it’s a good idea to do it. You may be surprised by the results and will certainly want to look at ways of ensuring you do have clean and safe water, especially when you realise that boiling alone s not enough.

An Extra Thought

If you’re planning on going back to the wilderness it’s probably a good idea to take purification tablets with you. These can be dropped in the water to make it safe to drink without having to boil it. Although it may not be the perfect solution it is easier than boiling water in the middle of nowhere.

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