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I had my own Pretty Women experience today. No, I wasn’t swept off my feet by Richard Gere (I wish!). No, I was on the receiving end of a not very nice sales assistant. It wasn’t so much of what she said, it was the look I received. You know that look? The snooty, look up and down and stink eye that says “What are you doing in our store?”. Β Yes, that.

I must say, even in designer stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s etc (where one would expect a snooty sales assistant), I have always been treated well and with respect but no, not so in a shopping centre Lorna Jane store, where all the staff wear tights and yoga pants and have perfectly sculpted butts and thin figures (is this a prerequisite for working there?).

I must admit, I’m not a perfect representation of what the typical Lorna Jane shopper is supposed to look like but I do fit into their size XL/16. I was quite disappointed actually because I follow Lorna Jane on social media and I am a huge fan of Lorna Jane Clarkson (founder of Lorna Jane) and what she stands for, which is inspiring women to live an inspired, healthy life. So naturally I would assume the Lorna Jane staff would treat all women of different body shapes and sizes with respect.

Contrary to the belief of some, curvy girls can actually be fit and healthy. I walk my dog everyday and do yoga at least three times a week. I am on a gluten and soy free, low GI eat plan (as prescribed by my Oncologist for my Thyroid disease).

To assume bigger girls aren’t into fitness is a huge oversight and one I can’t believe the sales assistant had the nerve to be so rude because she thought I was a fat, lazy women who didn’t deserve to be in their store.

While my friend was trying on clothing (so she could use her voucher), I waited outside and checked my emails etc I refused to let a judgmental sales assistant bring me down.

Guess what rude sales assistant? The money I was going to spend in your store went to Rebel Sport instead and I won’t be stepping in your store again. Big mistake, honey, huge!

From what I have heard from friends, they haven’t been treated well in stores either, so it sounds quite common. Have you been treated like rubbish by a snooty sales assistant?



  • Maria @SoNailicious

    Every time I’m not wearing makeup and not looking particularly amazing I get the funny looks in the stores πŸ™‚ It’s very funny! Especially, when I’m checking out polishes in Mecca or trying some clothes in Witchery even though my intention was to buy some milk for Anastasia (so you know, I’m not looking that glam) – and then those people look at me like I’m a homeless person without money. It does not infuriates me, usually I’m trying hard not to start laughing πŸ™‚ Because, really, think about it: they look at me like I’m a hobo and well, I’m actually a popular blogger and thousands of people come to my site to read what I have to say and see what I have to show… and who are those people judging me? No one. πŸ™‚ So Kellie, I think you should go back to Lorna Jane and try at least 20 different outfits, make that rude person bring them all to you, spend at least 1 hour taking photos in all these outfits (something to Instagram about)! Create massive mess in the shop, put something on hold and never come back! LOL just joking… but seriously, don’t worry about it! Not worth it! xx

  • Rashida

    Yep I had this experience at the MIMCO store in Castle Towers though she didn’t even bother to give me a look choosing to ignore me completely. I was with a colleague she got a hello I didn’t. Never went there again.

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