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As I have previously written here, you might know we recently moved into our new house. It is always exciting getting into a new house and making it your own.

We were quite lucky in the fact the house didn’t have window furnishings and only bayonet light fittings with plastic, hat looking shades on them. Basically, we had a six year old house with what you would receive on hand over if you had built a house, only on a bigger block and a bigger house for what we could have built for the same amount. I love white in a home and ended up putting white wood shutter style blinds right through the house and I must say, it does look really good. Half of the lighting has been redone with a lot of pendants now put in.

So for the next few weeks, I will share what I have done through the house and show you my favourite rooms, starting with my office. I spend most of my days here, so I wanted it to be functional but in a style I new I was going to love for quite a while. I would call my home style as a blend of provincial, country and Hamptons styling. Lot’s of natural light was a must, so I chose the original formal dining room as my office space.  It’s in the middle of the home, so I still get to be around the boys and my husband even if I’m working.

This is the before picture of the space:


As you can see, with the huge 2400mm wide windows, I have a lot of light. The white blinds look amazing in here and I can’t wait to look out at my roses in wine barrels, which are going to be placed outside the windows.



To the right of the picture above (which you can’t see) was a plain wall, which I have placed two book cases (below).



The book case and lateral hutch were purchased from Milan Direct. It is amazing how much storage there is in the two units and I love how my stationery (as you can see, I love me some Kikki K and Typo) and bits and pieces go so well with them. Even my books look great on there.

As well as the white wood blinds, we also added a retro deco style pendant light from Masters Home Improvements in. I love it. I think it adds a touch of interest and style to finish off the room.

retro deco pendant lamp

My favourite of all my favouritist (is that even a word?) things in my office is the provincial style tub chair I bought new from a wholesaler on ebay. I am so in love with this chair! The cushion I have had for years and the throw is from Laura Ashley.


You can’t have a gorgeous chair to sit in without something to put your books and coffee on, can you? The lamp table didn’t fit properly in the lounge with it’s matching coffee table, so it was put in the office. It looks great with the retro look Sony digital radio, lamp and Glasshouse candle and faux roses in a bottle from Domayne.

lamp table

Of course, the most essential item in any office is a desk. It is so good to have a desk that has room to do a few things at a time but also fits my monitor and laptop. It does take up a huge space in the room but it couldn’t be helped as I needed a large desk. The desk was also from Milan Direct.


desk 1

desk space

What do you think of my office? Do you like it? What is your favourite piece or area?

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