Say No To Saggy Boobs


Saggy boobs can happen when the breast growth and shrinkage occurs when a woman diets, gets pregnant, and/or breastfeeds. Anything that makes breasts expand and contract weakens the surrounding skin and tissues, which makes them lose elasticity and take on a deflated appearance.

Apart from ligaments and skin there’s nothing that actually provides support from within your breasts, and even these two are kind of fragile and easy to damage. If you don’t wear a correctly fitted bra, things such as aging, weight fluctuations, nursing make your breasts look saggy with time and no miracle cream or exercise will actually be able to help you.

Wear a sports bra when you exercise. Running, biking, playing sports and doing any other exercise causes your breasts to bounce. If you do it often enough without wearing a good sports bra, they may sag prematurely. A sports bra should contain your breasts securely against your chest so that bouncing is kept to a minimum. Invest in a good sports bra made from high-quality fabric that won’t stretch after washing.

Also, if you’ve ever hit the gym sans sports bra, you know that even a little bit of boob bounce can result in serious breast and nipple pain.

How to prevent your breasts from jumping up and down when you practice sports? To solve this problem, first let me remind you the basic rule of bra fitting  – 85% of support of your bra comes from the band! 

Research has shown that a normal bra can reduce breast bounce by up to 38% whilst a proper fitting sports bra can reduce breast bounce by up to 78%*.

Unfortunately, most sports crop tops don’t have enough support for larger chested women and I often find them quite constricting, especially if you are doing yoga or even playing tennis.

Like Serena Wiliams, we have been huge fans of the Berlei Sports Bra range for quite a few years now. I recently purchased the Berlei Shift (which is what Serena is wearing below) and High-Performance sports bras and they are fantastic.

Serena Williams Berlei

My favourite is the Shift bra, as it feels like a regular bra and doesn’t restrict movement. I find a lot of sports bras feel like I’m wearing two sports tops and can be quite restricting but not with the Shift bra. It actually looks good under t-shirts too.

Berlei have a great offer on at the moment, if you buy two sports bra you receive 30% off!


#Not sponsored. Woman of Style and Substance are just huge fans of Berlei.

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