Say No To Plastic For A Healthy Lifestyle -Here Are Easy Ways to reduce it

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Go green, no plastic, everything is lovely.

Are you aware that everyday items like straws, coffee lids, and take away containers make up approximately 8 million tons of plastic? Now that is a significant threat to wildlife and human health?

It’s a bit disappointing from our side that, as humans, we have the power to generate something new and present it to the world. Similarly, we have the ability to eradicate the substances that are harmful to live organisms. Isn’t it?

The amount of garbage that ends up in ecosystems, waterways, and landfills gets recycled. But not all plastic has the ability to get recycled; thus, it becomes our responsibility to reduce the use of it. The portion that gets recycled needs a lot of water and energy, which is again not a very good plan when it comes to individual-use objects.

The most disheartening fact about plastic that ends up in oceans and dumps takes almost centuries to degrade. Meanwhile, they discharge toxins into the environment that are very harmful to the human body and wildlife.

So let’s take a pledge together and use some easy ways to reduce plastic use in our daily lives.

Bring your own bags and containers to the grocery shop.

Plastic bags are considered one of the most omnipresent forms of garbage. It has been evaluated that approximately 1 trillion plastic bags are used in a year all around the world (by the Environmental Protection Agency ). Therefore, bringing your own environmentally friendly shopping bag is a good start. There are cloth tote bags available in the market that can be used as the best option for shopping purposes. Another very good option is to use reusable bags for fruits and vegetables. Don’t worry, you will get them online very easily. So take your first step towards a healthy lifestyle and say no to plastic.

Get a stainless steel water bottle.

Don’t buy plastic water bottles when you are traveling. Take your own stainless steel water bottle and refill them. It is a very successful way to reduce waste. Do you know the fact that when you visit a coffee shop and tell them that you are trying to minimize the garbage? Then they will be happy to refill your stainless steel mug with coffee.

You can even use shaker cups and other containers that can help you in the use of paper cups or plastic bottles.

Say no to straws and plastic lids.

When you visit a restaurant and order a drink, make sure you say no to straws and plastic lids. They are an unnecessary waste; without a lid, you can have your drink easily. If it gets challenging to go without a straw, then opt for a stainless still one. Carry your own straw if possible.

Even at home, ensure that you use copper or steel straw for drinks. As they say that change begins from home, so begin it with your home. This way, you will be able to contribute to saving the environment and health.

Skip the disposable razor

Disposable razors increase the waste, thus contributing to enhancing the toxic components in the environment. Instead of throwing plastic razors every month in the trash, it is recommended to use a razor that allows you to change the blade. Throwing plastic in the trash is another way to welcome the toxic gases in the environment. Avoid it.

Invest in a water filter

If you are a person who has a water dispenser at home or office and buys daily plastic containers. Then we would highly suggest you switch to a water filter. These days there are a variety of them available in the market. You can easily choose the one that fits your space and pocket. Do not stick to the plastic water containers and change them ASAP.

Create your period waste-free

Yes! You read it right. Even the period wastes are one of the major sources to increase the pollution and use of plastic. There are various non-disposable choices available out there so that you can cut down period waste. With environmental safety and health protection, there are plenty of companies that have started producing reusable pads. Try to use them and avoid the use of brands that offer plastic applicators.

Rethink your food storage

Now that’s the most important thing to consider. We use plenty of plastic containers when storing food. Normally, boxes, zipper bags, and plastic pouches are used to store the food. Why not switch to glass containers and jars to avoid the use of plastic as it is very hazardous for health. You can even ask your local restaurants to pack your food in your containers, as you are against the use of plastic. We hope they will understand the situation and may avoid using it themselves. Though there are many restaurants and takeout places, who have switched to wooden containers to pack food, and that’s really very appreciable.

Personal care and beauty

To contribute entirely, make sure you even switch to a wooden comb and toothbrushes to avoid the use of plastic. Yes! You read it right; these days, many eco-friendly supporter companies have launched a wide variety of personal care products. There are even beauty products that have plastic in them; make sure you research a bit before buying your beauty products to support no use of plastic completely.

Wrapping Up

Plastic is widely dominating the earth, and yes, it’s hard to avoid the use of it at some point. But at least we can try to do it by modifying a few sections in our life. From kitchen storage boxes, tiffin boxes, drinking bottles, and personal hygiene products, we can change them all into better quality products. Fortunately, we are even blessed with plastic-free products like stainless steel bottles, wooden comb or toothbrushes, and even reusable pads. There is scope to change the dominance of plastic by taking the first step.

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