She Sheds – The Female Version of the Notorious Man Cave!

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It is common knowledge that most men want a place in which to find refuge and solitude, should the need arise (as it, more often than not, does). But why is it logical that only the human males need this type of a safe haven? As alternatives to man caves, she sheds are places for women to relax and focus and tend to their own wants and needs. These sheds come in many forms, shapes and sizes, and here are a couple examples.

  • Potting sheds – Equip your she-shed inside your sunny garden with colourful flowers and plenty of plant life. Make sure it is made of wood, and perhaps opt for colouring it white, to perfectly reflect sunrays. Once you are done with your gardening hobby, why not sit back and relax, while enjoying your spare time, looking at the haven you have made for yourself? Additionally, a hammock goes perfectly with any garden, and everyone absolutely loves them, so make sure you do not miss out on this extra-relaxing idea.

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  • A treehouse – At the place where the she shed meets the treehouse, lies a fantastic opportunity to make yourself the perfect place to relax. Who among us didn’t enjoy climbing trees in our childhood? Now, while tree-climbing may not be your idea of fun, making a treehouse/she shed hybrid can give you a neat opportunity to look at your front yard from the second story of this interesting, fun refuge. The child in you can truly disappear only if you let it. Do not let it.

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  • Forest she shed – These she sheds give off a particularly fairytale-like feel – surrounded by nothing but trees, grass, flowers and nature in general. One of these will easily become your favourite place to relax. Complement the pyramid-shaped structure with a comfy rocking chair on its tiny porch and enjoy lazing the days away in a peaceful shade.

  • Guest house – If your home is blessed with a garden, why not bring the useful and relaxing together – create a guest house as a refuge for you, which can easily serve when your out-of-town relatives of friends visit.

  • Cottage – If you crave the experience of a secluded life of nature at times, a simple lumber cottage may well be just the thing for you. Opt for painting it red or a similar colour. Plant some yellow and white flowers in front of the porch. Of course, wood as the main material is a no-brainer here.

she shed 5

  • Pond shed – This one can also be made to look quite dreamy. If you have a pond or dam on your property, think about constructing a neat, basic shed nearby. Looking at a calm shed reflecting in your pond is a beautiful sight to see. It also brings an unprecedented sense of calm.

She sheds are a neat new idea to look into. Why should men be the only ones entitled to a peaceful, Zen refuge? A perfect counterpart to a man cave, the variety of options when It comes to she sheds is vast, to say the least, so don’t refrain from coming up with your own ideas.

Nate Vickery is a business consultant and blogger from Sydney. He and his fiancée are living in their own DIY heavenly chaos.

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