Shine, Sparkle and Shimmer: Accessories To Accentuate Your Wardrobe

You open up the doors to your closet and everything inside screams bland, boring and dull. You desperately need some new inspiration to bring a bit of glitz and glamour back into your everyday wardrobe. Not everybody can afford to go out a splurge on a whole new style when you’re feeling a bit bored of your current clothes, so let’s style it out in a low-cost but effective way. Add some sparkle into your life and you’ll give off the vibe you’ve always wanted to showcase. Your jewellery can say a lot about you and it is a fabulous way to uplift an outfit. Take your fashion on a journey from tired to tantalising now!

Decorate Your Decolletage


A necklace is the ideal way to spruce up a plain out outfit. Aim to decorate yourself with colour-coded and stylish necklaces. If you’re in possession of a low cut top or tshirt and you think it needs brightening up, you can add in a cute necklace to bring your look back to life. You may have a black dress which contains a few specks of blue within in. You can really make this colour pop by adding a matching necklace into the mix. Give it a go today!

From left: Samantha Wills Fleeting Movements Crescent Necklace, Lady Fox Grace necklace and House of Harlow Tanta Crosshatch 3 Tier Bolo Pendant

Fabulous Fingers

Do you ever get that fabulous feeling when trying on a fancy ring that belongs to a friend or relative? A small an simple accessory such as this can really make you feel a million dollars. There are so many types of beautiful pieces which can transform your fingers from bare to beautiful. Try out opal rings for a truly unique and stunning look. It is a true fact that most people will notice the condition of your hands when they first meet you, so slick on some fresh nail varnish and put on a sparkly ring. You will be centre of style in no time.

From left:  Ocean Mantra karma ring, Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot Ring and Pastiche love stone ring

Bracelets and Bling


From meaningful to memorable, the bracelets on your wrists can say a lot about you. You may have been on an exotic holiday and picked up some beautifully braided leather wrist-wear, or you might be sporting a friendship bracelet that you and your bestie made together when you were little. Whatever your style is you should embrace it and wear it with pride. Your bracelets will tell a story and with add a personal touch to each of your outfits.

From left: Izoa Two Row Crystal Clasp BanglePastiche Sun Goddess Bangle and By Charlotte Protection bracelet.

Elegance For Your Ears

A pair of earrings can totally transform an outfit choice from daytime to evening glam. If you have to go out in the day and need a quick and easy solution to get dolled up for a night time event, then earrings will be your best friend. Add some dainty gold hoops or some glitzy drop down earrings to your daytime attire and it will instantly ooze class. This is a simple way of creating a truly adaptable wardrobe with limited time and resources.

From left: Reliquia Jewellery Spiral Hoops Earrings (Gold or Silver), Samantha Wills Kaleidoscope Petite Drop Earrings and Luv AJ Evil Eye Statement Hoops (gold, silver, rose gold).

Invest in some new jewellery right now and watch what it can do to your style in the blink of an eye. Sashay your way into the next social event and wear your new sparkly accessories with pride.


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