3 Solutions for Outgrowing Your House

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Property is a long term investment but over the years, your needs will change. From a single occupant to a young growing family, teenagers who need space to an empty nest, your property will change with you as time passes, catering for each need as it arises.

You might find that you need to move, but there are ways that you can expand your property to suit everyone.

Build an Extension

When you buy your first property, it is unlikely that you will have the funds to get everything you will need straight away. However, when you do buy, you should look at the ground space you have and see whether there will be the potential to build an extension later on, when you have the money.

A single storey extension is a great way to add value to your home as well as acquire the space you really need. It might be that your children now need rooms of their own, or you could simply extend the living area to encourage your family to spend more time together in a social space.

If your building is strong enough, adding a second level to your home is also an option. However, you will need to look into local planning guidelines to ensure that your proposal will be accepted before you start. This is a more expensive option but could be worth it to preserve your outdoor space.

Build a Granny Flat

Despite the name, a granny flat does not necessarily have to contain a granny. This option is ideal for older families with children returning from university who require their own space but don’t have the money to move out on their own just yet.  

You can see various different designs of granny flats around but usually they are small, single storey dwellings separated from the main house. In fact, these designs are not limited to creating a small apartment but could be used to create an office space for you to be able to separate your work from home more clearly.

Go Open Plan

Sometimes outgrowing your home isn’t just about not having enough space, it’s about not having the right space. One of the easiest ways to deal with this problem is to transform your social spaces into an open plan area. This will increase the natural light in your home and give you greater flexibility about where you place your furniture and how you live.

Before you start knocking down internal walls, though, check which ones are load bearing and consult with an architect to make sure that you achieve the fluidity and flexibility that your open plan home should have.

As your family grows, contracts and inevitably grows again, your family home will need to become more flexible to suit your ever changing needs. With these simple solutions, you can find a way to make sure that everyone is happy and ready to be welcomed whenever they arrive, and for however long they plan to stay.


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