Show Off! The Best Spring Looks for 2020 Fashion

After several months of piling on sweaters, layers, and coats, what could be better than returning to lighter and more colourful apparel as the days get longer and warmer?

We’re talking about spring fashion, which traditionally sweeps into stores around July. And while this month is a great time to snag marked down winter clothing, we can’t wait to see the bounty of new colours making its way to store racks during this time.

Spring 2020 is predicted to give us plenty to be excited about, particularly if you love vintage clothing details from the ’60s through the ’80s. Here’s a list of the hottest spring looks for 2020 you can expect to see in stores and online.

Psychedelic Prints

2019 marked the 50th anniversary of 1969—an iconic year that saw the moon landing, Woodstock, and other historical events. Spring 2020 fashion seems to be continuing the love affair with the late ’60s as evident by the numerous psychedelic floral patterns that looked like they were lifted from your grandmother’s wallpaper or San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood.

Blouses, dresses, skirts, and jackets designed in this trend are sure to be bringing some flower power to stores this season.

Neon Brights

Chances are if you grew up in the ’80s you remember (or owned) fluorescent clothing in eye-popping hues of sunshine yellow, lime green, and hot pink. Well, this trend from the decade of decadence is back, so be prepared for some pupil straining. Many of the spring 2020 runway shows featured jackets, pants, and other wardrobe staples in saturated neon shades.

Designers didn’t shy away from combining one brightly coloured staple with an equally bright but contrasting colour. But if that’s too much for your taste, try a neon leather jacket with jeans, or wear a brightly coloured top with black or white pants. This way you’ll add a pop of energy without hurting the eyes.


In another throwback to the ’70s, expect to see a lot of crochet showing up on retailers’ racks. But unlike your grandmother’s or aunt’s crocheted clothing, the flower child’s choice of knitwear has received some modern updates so it’s less retro. New stitch patterns are making crochet look fresh and hip.

And a crochet top or cardigan’s breezy texture is a perfect layering piece for those spring days that can turn warmer and summery in a matter of hours.

Huge Collars

It’s time to get your John Travolta on because those wide lapels that you see everyone sporting on shows such as Soul Train or just about any 1970s sitcom are actually making a comeback this year. Both men and women’s fashions featured jumbo-sized, disco-inspired collars on the runway. Some designers took to embellishing the collars with rhinestones and embroidery to really make an impact.

This is one trend that won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve ever fantasised about being a Studio 54 disco diva, this detail can definitely help you live the dream to a certain extent.

Hot Pants

Not everyone will want to attempt this look, but short shorts were all the rage during Spring 2020 Fashion Week—another homage to the ’70s decade. If you’re unsure about being this daring, you can always pair the hot pants with a jacket or cardigan that comes down a bit lower to provide modesty when you need it.


There’s good news for those of you cringing at the thought of wearing over-the-top bright colours: beige will be spring 2020’s favourite neutral. Beige, taupe, and camel were seen head-to-toe on runways, showing up in suits, dresses, and jumpsuits.

This means it’s time to pull that classic trench coat out of hiding. Like preppy style clothing, a beige trench coat never goes out of style.

Polka Dots

Girlish and innocent, polka dots seem to show up as a favourite fabric pattern every few years. If the fashion shows are any indication, we’re bound to see everything from delicate small dots to larger and bold ones gracing clothing. You can’t go wrong with a basic white dot pattern on black fabric (or vice versa) to add a playful vintage touch to your spring wardrobe.

Hoop Earrings and Collar Necklaces

Let’s not forget that accessories are an important part of any season’s fashion trends. For spring 2020, hoop earrings are back in a big way. And by big, we’re talking rather large statement earrings decorated with colourful stones and other eye-catching embellishments.

For necklaces, collar-like jewellery that sits above the clavicle was seen in the spring 2020 runways. In some cases they were on the big and clunky side, proving that you’ll want to make a statement from head to toe this spring.

Oversized Bags

If you prefer your purse to be tote-sized or larger, then you’ll love the oversized bag trend that’s poised to take over store shelves this season. Several designers showcased bags that looked like they could carry a small child in their previews. If you’re all over this trend, take care not to make your bag too heavy and switch periodically from one shoulder to another to prevent back and shoulder strain. 

We Can’t Wait For These Spring Looks

Can’t wait to shop these new spring looks when is nearly over? Neither can we! Spring 2020 is sure to bring plenty of colorful new looks to spruce up your closet and your everyday wear.

We have plenty of more style news and tips on what to wear to always look and feel your best, so check out our latest fashion posts.

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