Sneezing? Wheezing?



It’s coming up to that time of year, where the nose starts twitching, eyes start itching, the inevitable sneezing starts, your nose starts running like a tap and after a while your head feels like it is going to explode.

Yes, Spring and allergy time is nearly upon us and I must say, we start stocking up on anti-allergy medications now in our house as all five of us have allergies, asthma and eczema. Indeed we are an incredibly healthy bunch, well we are if we take anti-allergy medication like Loapaed on a regular basis. My pharmacist advised me to start taking anti-allergy medication when new Spring growth starts to make an appearance to prevent my hayfever and athsma getting really bad and needing hospitalisation, which is what happened a few year ago when I let my allergies take control and I ended up in hospital with a bad athsma attack and had to have two needles to start breathing again. Really scary and not something I would ever want to happen again. Having said that, it is much better to prevent these things happening than trying to fix them when you are already sick. Taking medication at the first sign of allergy will save you having to deal with it becoming worse later on.

I highly recommend a brand called Lorapaed. Lorapaed is a non-drowsy allergy relief for our whole family. So we don’t need to buy different brands for the adults or kids, just one medication works for all of us.

Lorapaed 150ml Packshot - AU

Lorapaed is colour free, which is brilliant as the blue colouring in a major allergy relief brand has the annoying side effect of making the boys hyperactive. Sneezy, wheezy kids bouncing off the walls is not fun, I can tell you!

The best thing about Lorapaed (other than it works!) is the price! As Lorapaed is a generic brand, the price is a lot less than the other big brand products but it works just as well.

I have been using generic brand medications for the family for a while now, especially with over the counter medications like pain relief. Even with my own prescriptions I ask for the generic brand, as I know by Australian pharmaceutical standards, the ingredients in the product cannot be any different to the expensive brands on offer.

Buying medication doesn’t have to cost a lot for your family. Ask for Lorapaed for allergies, rashes and hives from your local pharmacy and save money by asking for generic products for your family.


What do you think of allergies and Spring time? Do you buy generic products for your family?


*Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.

# This post was sponsored by Lorapaed as per our disclosure policy


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