What A Stress! Cutting Back On The Amount Of Mess Your Children Make

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No matter how hard we try to instil the basics in our children, from hard work and manners to sharing with their siblings, some things appear to evade most children, keeping tidy is one of those things. Now, it can be very difficult to keep on top of the cleaning if you have many children and not so many hours. So, the task of keeping a functional home is a big challenge, but here are some ways to make sure that you keep your home clean on a superficial level, but also minimise mess.

Have Storage Baskets Everywhere!

If you got children that like to take out toys and not put them back when they’re done, items like storage baskets or ottomans are a very great way to quickly dump toys if you need to do a quick tidy up, especially if people are coming over. And, at the end of the day when you are too tired to do a proper clean, you can easily throw the toys in these baskets, and you’re done!

Have Some Emergency Cleaning Implements

If your child spills a cup of juice over a part of the carpet, it can easily stain. So by having a collection of items like industrial strength cleaning spray, leather lounge cleaning implements, but also having a steam cleaner in the store cupboard, it means you can keep on top of these emergencies that won’t damage the interiors of your house too much. In fact, a steam cleaner is one of those useful ones that, although it’s an investment up front, is not just a great way to naturally remove stains, but also improves the weft of your carpet.

Contain The Food Mess To One Room!

You should make it a rule that if you are going to eat, make sure it’s in the dining room only! If a child takes food from one room to the next, they’re going to leave a trail of mess with them wherever they go. So get in there early, and make it a rule that all food needs to be in a high chair, or at the dinner table. That means you too parents! It’s time to lead by example.

Make Designated Playing Areas

If you got one place to eat, make your children have one place to play. Yes, as nice as it is to have them play in their bedroom, so you can get on with some cleaning, it usually means their room is a bomb site most, if not all, of the time. So, by assigning a specific space where your children can go and play, this helps to make clearly defined areas and boundaries.

Create Habits

For any of these habits to take any effect, we need to keep repeating them. This means a lot of trial and error, and quite possibly, a lot of stress. But, while you may feel overwhelmed by the littlest of tasks when it comes to keeping on top of the mess in your house, remember, if you can get these habits nailed down now, it will be a long-term investment. This means less stress overall!

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  1. Thanks for the advice, you really seem to have things under control! I limiting the food mess with my daughter at first, but after some time it became very exhaustive and not practical at all. Fortunately, she’s slowly growing up and realising that it’s not cool to make such messes. We’re getting there, I guess 🙂

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