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Summer Loving: How To Style Your Garden Ready For The Sun

As the rest of the world prepares for cooler temperatures, we over here are at the start of our summer. With scorching temperatures due, it will mean more time enjoying the sunshine outside. How nice is it to be able to relax in the garden with a drink or enjoy a BBQ on the beach with friends? As a result, you might want to rethink your outdoor space. Is it up to scratch, for all of the summer entertaining that you might have? Our gardens and yards should be treated as an extra room in the house. Quite often this isn’t the case, though. So if you’re a little stuck for ideas, here are some tips for styling your garden this summer.


Think About Lighting

Though the nights will stay light for a little longer, it will start to get dark out there eventually. So if you are hosting a party, or just outside with your family, lighting is a must. There are several routes to go down, depending on the look that you want to achieve. You could use fairy lights for a twinkly and magical ambience. If you prefer something a little bolder, then you could choose some large lanterns. They could be hung along the garden, or even just dotted around on the patio. You can mark pathways with smaller lights, that are often solar powered. They use a stake in the ground to keep them in place and then can charge up all day long. So have a think about the look that you want to achieve.

Use Colour

There will be some colour in your garden already. The grass, flowers and plants, and perhaps furniture. So it is important to think about what style you are going for. Adding more colour, or making the colour coordinate can be a great idea for sunnier times. You can get PVC outdoor rugs, that can be used to add colour to a patio. You could get new cushions or seat pads for chairs, to make them all match and look cohesive. If you have a pool, you could think about updating the look of it. Re-tiling could cost quite a bit, so you could use something like swimming pool paints instead. Making it a different colour could make the look of your outdoor space completely different. A canopy would also add colour to the garden, as well as create shade. Perfect really!

Don’t Forget About the Finishing Touches

When it comes to summer parties or just being together as a family, you don’t need to be all paper plates just because you are outside. Equally, you don’t want all of your lovely china and cutlery to get smashed during a garden party. There are plenty of plates, bowls, cups and accessories that look fantastic, but won’t break if dropped on tiles or concrete. So it could be worth stocking up on some new accessories and homeware for use outside.

Have you got many parties planned or other plans for the summer?

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