Put Your Own Spin On Your Home Decor With These Ideas

What’s the point in having a nice-looking home, if it’s not a place that doesn’t show off your personality? Your home should be a reflection of you, an extension even. You can have lots of fun decorating it and turning it into a place that you love to be. If you’d like to put your own spin on your home decor, these ideas can get you started:

Use Your Favourite Colours And Patterns

The best way to show off your personality in your home is to use your favourite colours and patterns. You don’t have to cover your home in them for them to make a huge impact on your decor. You can use accents here and there if you like. It all depends on how much colour you like. Make sure that whatever you do, the novelty doesn’t wear off! You don’t want to paint your living room bright colours of blue and orange, only to realise you hate it a month later. You can even mix colours and patterns, which will add interest if you do it right. It won’t necessarily look messy, and clashing can sometimes be a good thing!

Mix Up Different Textures

Mixing up different textures is a must. It makes your home look professionally put together, and stops anything from looking dull. It makes your whole home look cosy and inviting, while even giving off a luxurious feel. Make sure you use all of your favourite textures to create the same effect.

If you have an arty side, why not paint a mural? This could make a brilliant feature wall. It would look incredible in a child’s nursery, or even in your own living room. If you’re not brave enough to paint a mural on your wall, painting a picture on a canvas could be the next best thing. You could even make your own accessories. Put your creative skills to good use here! If you don’t have arty skills, you can always buy wall stickers and use them instead. They can look like you painted them on yourself if you take your time.

Include Your Favourite Flowers

Adding some fresh flowers perks up just about any home decor. It’ll add colour and life, and having them around can even be healthy for us! If you’d rather not spend a fortune on fresh flowers, adding realistic-looking fake flowers could be another option.

Display Your Favourite Items

You probably have items that are sentimental to you. Why not find a fun way to display them? Maybe they are souvenirs that you’ve picked up on your travels or things your children have made you at school. Displaying them can tell people a bit about where you’ve been and what’s important to you. Why display accessories that don’t mean anything to you, when you could display things like this?

Display Pictures That Mean Something To You

Display pictures of family and friends. You can dot them around, or make a collage. It’s completely up to you! Don’t just put up works of art by somebody else and pictures of things that have no resonance with you for the sake of being trendy. Show people those who mean the most!

Paint Your Front Door A Bright Colour

Your home makes an impression on people the minute they see it, so you want it to look good from the outside too. As well as making sure it’s all clean, tidy, and safe, why not paint your front door a bright colour? Make people feel welcome with a funky door!

Change Your Hardware

One simple way to change the look of things in your home without spending too much or going through too much hassle is by changing your hardware. You can easily change taps, shower heads, handles and other things around the house to create a style you’re happier with. There are so many great options these days – you can even choose gold, which is a huge trend right now.

Wallpaper One Wall

Instead of wallpapering the whole house, wallpaper one wall. This could be a good idea if you find a cool textured wallpaper, or if you have a room you want to add a bit of a pattern to. It won’t take you very long, and it’s a great way to add personality. Feature walls are a must-have in some rooms (like bedrooms), so make sure you choose the right wall to draw the eye to.

Make Sure It Suits Your Lifestyle

Although you want your home to look great, you also want to make sure it suits your lifestyle. If it doesn’t, you’ll quickly begin to resent it and may even possibly consider redecorating. For instance, if you have 4 dogs, then you’re going to want to decorate in a way that accommodates them. You won’t want colours or furniture that shows up dog hairs, slobber, and other things your fur babies might leave behind. Making sure your home suits your lifestyle is key to you enjoying it for longer.

Make Smart Choices

Make sure that anything you buy is durable and of the best quality you can afford so that you don’t have to think about replacing it in a hurry. You can sometimes make things more durable yourself, by doing some repairs or repainting them.

Show Off Your Hobby

Do you have a hobby? Maybe you love arts and crafts, or painting is your thing. Show it off! Why not have an area of your home reserved for this practice, in full view of other people? It could add personality and become a brilliant conversation starter.

Makeover Simple Accessories

If you have any simple accessories, you can find different ways to make them over. With a plain old vase, some plaster and some paint, you could create a really cool accessory! This will be cheaper than buying new ones, and you can tell everybody how you made them yourself.

Are you ready to put your own spin on your home decor? Have fun experimenting and injecting personality into your home. Leave your own ideas below. See you soon!

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