Swedish Winter – Where to Visit and How to Enjoy it?

‘There is something of the freshness of mind, of the lightness of spirit in Linne which for centuries has been linked in people’s minds with the mountains of Sweden and Swedish joy in nature.’

Johannes Vilhelm Jensen 

There is everything special about winters in Sweden, which promises you a life full of thrills, fun elements, and a fairytale land you have been dreaming of. The peak winter season in Sweden lasts between December to March and that’s when most travelers head towards Sweden. The entire Nordic nation is draped in pearl white snow during these months and acts as the host to many winter season fun traditions to experience. 

Whether you are a resident or traveling there to satiate your wanderlust, there are plenty of options and things to do in Sweden and make your stay worth living. Here the winter season brings so many goodness and fun factors that you can’t resist. 

Be it a realm of snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, or reindeers; you can witness the best phase of the winter season in Sweden. So, let’s unravel more about it and see how it can make your stay better than ever before. 

Some happening things to do in Sweden – 

Enjoying your winter vacation in Sweden is no less than exposing yourself to the local traditions and diving deeper into the immense beauty of the natural world. You can start exploring Sweden with its capital, where you can see the iconic beauty of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, City Hall, enjoy ice skating, and much more. 

Now is the time to step North to Swedish Lapland. This land is an abundance of some fun winter activities, adding a lot more to the overall vacation experience. This specific spot has an entirely different experience than the South and Stockholm. 

What not to miss here – You know what the central hub in Swedish Lapland is? It’s Kiruna that lures the visitors with its laid-back environment having the essence of Sweden in everything. Then comes exploring the beauty of Abisko National Park, which reveals a lot about the iconic Sami communities residing there. 

Some exciting things to do in Swedish Lapland – 

Dog sledding – If you are in love with the fairytale stories and their concepts of riding a sled on a complete white snow surface, then you are going to love dog sledding here. So, get your hands on dog sledding from the Northern wilds of Lapland. It is one of the highly preferred Swedish winter activities that almost every traveler/visitor loves to practice. 

All you need to do is wrap yourself, sit behind the guide with a pack of huskies and get ready to experience the true thrill of Sweden with the most beautiful view for you. After a few hours of practice, you can try your hands on guiding the pack but make sure you are under the supervision of an experienced guide. 

Sail! Sail! And Sail! – Sweden is an unofficial land of thousands of iconic inland lakes and coastal islands offering a scenic view of glaciated mountains. There are several beautiful coasts, crystal clear water, and impeccable weather to enrich your sailing experience. All in all, Sweden is a paradise for sailing. 

All this becomes a fun activity when you are a true water sports lover and want to try your hands on something thrilling. Several businesses are offering the opportunity to rent sailboat to anywhere across Croatia, Italy, the Caribbean, and Greece to relish the best phase of Swedish winter times. 

If you wish to rent a sailboat, you need to have a valid driving license for boat riding with a certificate of Coastal Ship for up to 12 meters of boats. Plus, some areas may request you to show up your SRC certificate to proceed. But relax if you don’t have any of these as you can hire a professional to let you experience sailing in Sweden. 

Hunting time in Northern Lights – One of the primary reasons to travel towards Northern Sweden is to explore aurora borealis. Rare people know that Lapland is situated within the Arctic Circle, and this specific region is referred to as the ‘aurora zone.’ And the best time to watch the northern lights here is between December to March. Talking about the specific spot to get the best view is Aurora Sky Station, an observation tower located on Mount Nuolja. 

Be a part of the Sami culture for a while – The ancient Sami culture is a boon to this place. It has been characterized by the unique semi-nomadic lifestyle, reindeer herding, etc. Many travelers and V bloggers prefer to roam throughout Kiruna and learn about Kiruna in detail. This quick trip can help you unravel a lot about the civilization phase of around 6000 years back. 

Sightseeing in Kiruna – If you are a true lover of nature and surreal views, you can’t afford to miss one of the most beautiful Northernmost cities of Sweden (Kiruna). There is a heap of restaurants, shops, hotels, sightseeing spots, and much more to explore. While having easy access to all these facilities, you can step outside your hotel room and relish the beauty of snowy scenes, making everyone lose their beauty. Also, don’t forget to plan a tour to the iron mine and visit the Kiruna church constructed with the traditional Sami dwelling approach. 

Cross-country skiing – You must have heard of dog sledding already, but those who wish to try something extraordinary can get their hands on cross-country skiing experience for sure. For this, you would need to join hands with an experienced guide who will help you explore Lapland’s most exotic tranquil areas to surf through. 

The final line – 

Sweden has many fun and surprising elements for you; all you need is to know how to make the most out of it. From the surreal views to the adventurous activities to execute, you have a lot of options to enjoy your stay in Sweden. 

So, when are you planning for a winter vacation in Sweden? 

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