Building the Perfect Nursery

Getting a nursery together for your baby is a more complex business than people think! Thankfully, many people before you have discovered the right ways and the wrong ways to go about it, so there’s an abundance of help out there if you get a little stuck. This guide will highlight the most important elements… Read More Building the Perfect Nursery


Nail That Pregnancy Glow

If there is one term that is thrown about regarding pregnant women, it is the word ‘glowing‘. If you are currently pregnant, you have probably had this said to you already: ‘Oh, you look glowing!’. There is a common conception that women who are pregnant have a kind of radiant aura about them. It is… Read More Nail That Pregnancy Glow


Sussan launches maternity range

Sussan have turned their best selling denim, leggings and essential tees into the perfect maternity pieces that can be layered back with pieces from their main collection. Available exclusively online, find out more here: Aren’t they gorgeous looks? I wish the collection had been around when I was pregnant with the boys!


Fit for Mums

Exercise in comfort. We’ve heard it before. But is it possible to find an outfit that somehow allows you to focus on your exercise and not the elastic waist-band that’s riding down? fitformum and mummy of style and substance explore the issues when it comes to exercising and maternity active wear. Trying to exercise while… Read More Fit for Mums