Postpartum Care: Everything You Need To Know About The Healing Process

Motherhood is a blessing but challenging. It takes ounces of energy to give birth, but everything is worth it when you take your baby in your arms for the very first time.

Adjusting to motherhood is challenging, especially if you are a newbie mom. You might even have to give up your good night’s sleep to comfort your baby. Or you might have to spend countless hours taking care of your newest family member.

But did you even consider taking care of yourself after giving birth? Unfortunately, postpartum care is often neglected by most mothers. And that’s not healthy. Postpartum refers to six weeks right after the delivery and is a really crucial time for a mother who just went into labor. This is because your body undergoes several changes and needs time to heal.

Here’s everything you need to know about postpartum care and the healing process.

  • Try and adjust to motherhood as soon as possible

Adapting to the new normal is a bit tough for some mothers. Try to learn the behavioral patterns of your baby and make a routine to feed and change your baby. This will help you save yourself from all the chaos and adjust quickly. 

Don’t hesitate to take help from friends and family during your postpartum period. This is because your body needs to heal, and any practical help can get you much-needed rest.

  • Start coping with body changes

It’s normal for your body to undergo some significant physical and mental changes after your pregnancy. For example, you might have to deal with postpartum depression, weight issues, and stretch marks. And that’s normal. Try not to freak out about it. 

Instead, do your best to get rid of them right away. For instance, you can consider using quality Belly Butter for your stretch marks. Also, you need to take control of your diet for adequate weight management. 

You might also start experiencing “baby blues,” which is also known as postpartum depression. According to healthcare experts, around 70% to 80% of newbie moms end up having mood swings and negative thoughts/feelings right after giving birth. If it is happening to you, then you should know that these are your hormones talking. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that during the postpartum depression, many mothers have thoughts about hurting their babies. And that’s not good news. You need to seek immediate help before you actually hurt your baby. 

  • Rest, rest, and rest

Healing is all about taking rest. Your body worked for like 9 to 10 months to make a baby, and you did everything in your power to keep it safe. And now that you’ve finally given birth, it’s your time to take some time off of everything and just relax. 

Many mothers even refrain from getting back to work after their delivery. And that’s perfectly fine. According to medical experts, you need to sleep as much as you can to cope with tiredness and fatigue. In addition, your baby might need it every two to three hours for feeding or changing. That’s why make sure that you are sleeping at the same time as your baby. 

Wrapping up!

Postpartum is tough. You go through so many physical and mental changes. But you get to see and touch your newborn, which makes everything go away. So, use your postpartum period and give your body enough time to start the healing process.

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