Nail That Pregnancy Glow

If there is one term that is thrown about regarding pregnant women, it is the word ‘glowing‘. If you are currently pregnant, you have probably had this said to you already: ‘Oh, you look glowing!’. There is a common conception that women who are pregnant have a kind of radiant aura about them. It is supposed to be womanly, and you are supposed to revel in it. But unfortunately, for every woman who genuinely does feel ‘glowing’ during their pregnancy, there is a whole host of other women who feel tired, grouchy and lumpy.

In fact, you may have been referred to as ‘glowing’ when that was the absolute last thing you felt like! With all those hormones flying about during pregnancy, feeling down and out about yourself can be really upsetting, especially with all the media around us telling us to enjoy our pregnancies. If you really want to live up to that ‘glowing mother to be’ vibe and look, here are a few ways you can achieve it.

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Stop trying to do everything at once
Dealing with a pregnancy, running a household AND working a full-time job? You’d have to be superwoman to be able to pull that off! If you are feeling stretched and overworked during your pregnancy, it’s probably because you are. Don’t feel guilty about taking maternity leave, even if it’s a little earlier than you would have liked. The office is not going to collapse just because you are not there – businesses are used to people going on both maternity and paternity leave all the time, so that it will be fine. Ask your partner for a little more help around the house, or ask him if he can start to cook dinner a few times a week. Just these small changes will give you time to put your feet up for a little while each day, which will, in turn, relax you – something vital for every expectant mother!

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Make yourself comfortable
If you are in any kind of pain or discomfort during your pregnancy, it’s going to show. You shouldn’t have to put on a brave face just to live up to the pregnancy ideal we all see in the media – pain is common in pregnancy, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Take some time to find out how to relieve back pain when pregnant. When you feel better, you look better too, and getting any pain issues sorted out will leave you walking tall and smiling again right up to your due date.

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Treat yourself
If you can’t treat yourself during your pregnancy, then when can you?! Just going about your daily business while carrying a baby can be exhausting and can take its toll on your skin, hair and body. If you are in need of a pick-me-up and want to feel glam again, treat yourself to an at-home spa night. Use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin, put on a nourishing hair mask and moisturise your skin. It might not seem like much, but taking care of your body also means taking care of your mind, and a little pampering certainly never hurt anyone!

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