The Benefits Of Harvesting Rainwater


For the last few months, I’ve been using special tanks to harvest rainwater at home. I was a little concerned about the results initially. However, my monthly outgoings have reduced considerably. I use the water for everything from feeding my plants to making hot drinks. So long as you use a filtration system and boil the water, it’s entirely fine. Here are just some of the broader benefits.

Saving money on bills

My household was paying around $80 per month for our water supply. That is $360 per year! I decided that money could be better spent on a family day out. After harvesting rainwater for only two months, my bills came down to $40. That’s a 50% saving that nobody can ignore.

Helping the planet

It’s important we all try to look at the bigger picture. Harvesting rainwater is a great way to help protect the planet. Water suppliers use a lot of energy to get their product to your home. That means it is not the greenest process in the world.

Becoming self-reliant

Harvesting rainwater was the same as growing food for me. I just wanted to make my family as self-reliant as possible. If the grid ever goes down, we’ll have ample supplies of everything we need.

Now you understand the benefits, I hope you will follow suit. There is no reason everyone can’t make good use of water that falls from the sky. You can even use it for cups of tea if you clean it properly. Take a look at the infographic to learn more.

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