The Best Stop Snoring Devices and Products

The Best Stop Snoring Devices and Products

Snoring is an unfortunate occurrence, but a lot of people do it.

If you’ve got a partner that snores a lot, then you know how it can affect your ability to get quality sleep. When you can’t get to sleep, it creates a snowball effect full of stress, fatigue, and eventually, delirium.

Before you take out your significant other in the middle of the night, let’s figure out how you can stop their snoring. Snoring is not only annoying for anyone nearby, but it’s also often a sign of a bigger problem. The sooner you can get to the bottom of it, the sooner you AND your partner can get some decent shuteye.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best stop snoring devices and whether or not they can actually get the job done. It’s time you take back your nights and finally get the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

Your Guide to Stop Snoring Devices

Stop snoring devices come in various mechanical forms, shapes, and sizes. For a simple approach, one of the many smaller items like mouthpieces and nasal strips, which are cheaper options that allow you to experiment a little bit. If you’re dealing with more severe cases of sleep apnea, you’ll want to look into CPAP equipment. 

Nasal Strips

Let’s start with the most affordable option. You can pick up a pack of 30 Breathe Right nasal strips at your local pharmacy for $20.

These are cheap for a reason because if you or your partner have a legitimate snoring issue, they’re not going to solve it. They’re not meant to “cure” snoring; they’re meant to make it easier for people with congestion to breathe during sleep. As a consequence, they may reduce mild snoring.

Nasal Dilator

So long as you’re not averse to shoving something all the way in your nose, the Rhinomed Mute nasal dilator could be a good option. The idea is that, when you insert the product into your nose, it supports your nasal passage and prevents the collapse that causes breathing problems and thus, snoring.

You can purchase a trial pack of 3 for $15 to find out which size is most suitable for you. They can be reused up to 10 times, so you’re essentially paying about the same amount as the nasal strips for a month of use.


There are various mouthpieces on the market. The aim of these products is to reduce snoring by holding the tongue in place and/or pushing the jaw forward. Mandibular advancement devices (MAD) move the jaw forward and hold the tongue in place, while tongue retaining devices (TRD) simply hold the tongue in place.

Yes, your tongue could be what’s causing all of this nighttime anguish. Sometimes when we fall into a deep sleep, the muscles in the roof of your mouth, tongue, and throat all relax and begin to vibrate, causing the snores.

You can find mouthpieces at varying price points. The more expensive ones are customized, molded to the shape of your mouth for optimal support. The less expensive models are universally sized to fit all mouths. 

The top MAD is the Vitalsleep. It’s a custom mouthpiece that’s also adjustable and available in men’s and women’s sizes. The best part of this product is the 60-night trial, backed by a full refund. 

For TRD’s, it’s the Good Morning Snore Solution, which is a universal fitting, non-adjustable plastic mouthpiece that stabilizes the tongue. This model is best suited for someone that experiences jaw pain. It also comes with a warranty, but only 30-night, so you’ll need to figure out if it’s working within a month. 

Essential Oils

For those that suffer from occasional, but disturbing enough snoring, you can try inhaling an essential oil blend before bed to open up the passageways. There are many respiratory blends that infuse eucalyptus, mint, and lemon oil, among other things that promote rest.

Apply it to your chest, kind of like a Vicks Vaporub type of thing, and let it soothe you. It’s technically not a “stop snoring device”, but it does have the potential of clearing your sinuses and preventing the on-and-off snoring fit.

Sleep Positioners

Your sleep position can have a big effect on how much you snore. Basically, some people are greatly affected, when they lay down flat on their back, by all of the gunk moving around in their nasal passage, sinuses, and the rest of their head. This can cause a lot of congestion and a lot of snoring.

Sleep positioners also come in various forms. A bed wedge will slide underneath you and make it more comfortable to sleep on your side. If you find yourself rolling onto your back at night, Zzooma makes a product that straps around your upper torso, with a large cushion on the back that prevents you from rolling over.

CPAP Machines

If the snoring is seemingly unstoppable, then you’ll almost certainly need to invest in CPAP equipment. With a CPAP machine, you’ll wear a mask at night that blows compressed air into your lungs. This is meant to support the airway collapse and stop snoring once and for all.

CPAP devices are used in cases of severe sleep apnea. While they aren’t necessarily meant to cure the snoring, they will prevent it while the machine is in use. In some cases, snoring has improved after using a CPAP machine, but it almost always comes back.

Not everyone likes these because of the claustrophobic feeling that wearing the mask gives and there’s also the noise from the compressed air machine. However, it’s the only proven method to stop snoring in its tracks.

What’s the Best Method?

Unfortunately, not all of these stop snoring devices will work for you or your partner’s snoring issue. You’ll have to do some trial and error before you find something that keeps the volume down at night. Luckily, most of the devices are affordable and you can experiment with different combinations to find what works.

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