The Ultimate Anniversary Gift Buying Guide

Did you know that 86% of married couples celebrate every anniversary they have? 60% of these couples prefer to celebrate without having their children present. 

Gen Z and the millennial generation buy more anniversary gifts than any other generation. Men spend more money on anniversary gifts than women.

56% of people buy their partner an anniversary gift online. 60% of couples say that they struggle to find the right anniversary gift. 

If you’re struggling with anniversary gift ideas this guide can help you find the perfect gift. Keep reading to learn more. 

Paper Gifts Can Be Meaningful 

A paper gift is a wonderful gift for a first anniversary. These can come in a variety of forms to remind your partner how much you love them. 

Paper flowers are handmade and come from the heart. You can take it a step further by writing out the lyrics to the song you danced at your wedding or your vows on the paper used to construct the flowers. 

A Gift Made From Leather 

Depending on which anniversary you’re celebrating you can consider anniversary gifts by year. Gifts made from leather are traditionally given after the third anniversary to represent the foundation and shelter you’ve built as partners thus far. 

A leather jacket, briefcase, or bag are great gift options that will protect you or your things from outside elements. These gifts represent the way you’ve protected each other as a couple these last couple of years. 

Dedicate a Day to Your Partner 

Your first year of marriage challenges you as individuals and partners. One way you can celebrate this beautiful year is by dedicating a day to your partner. 

This personalized gift allows you to claim ownership of a day in dedication to your spouse. You can choose your wedding anniversary or the anniversary of when you first met and it’ll be recorded and certified on paper.

Matching Couples T-Shirts 

Next on our list of anniversary gift ideas is to get you and your spouse matching couples t-shirts. This cute and funny gift is a way to show the world that you and your partner are made for each other. 

You can get the classic Mr. and Mrs. shirts or get matching shirts from a movie or based on a character you both love. There are many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one. 

A Scrap Book of Memories 

First year anniversary gifts can bring a lot of pressure. You want the first gift to be perfect. 

One way to acknowledge all the beautiful moments of your first year together is to make your own scrapbook. You can fill the scrapbook with photos and poems, memories that will last forever. 

Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Finding the right anniversary gifts can put a lot of pressure on a person. Hopefully, this guide gives you some ideas for gifts your partner will love. 

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