The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Home in an Hour

Have you just received a text saying “we are coming within an hour” from a guest? Have you ever felt so scared having this kind of text? This is because your home is a mess! You only have one hour to tidy up every corner of your house. So, if you ever fall into this situation, follow how to clean home in an hour from Cleanzen cleaning. 

5 Guideline Of How To Clean Home In An Hour

Your guest gives the ultimatum of only one hour, but you have lots of things to do. This is really a crazy situation. But we suggest not to reply, you are out of the home. See the process of cleaning home quickly. This might be helpful when you are rushed. 

  1. Order Home Delivery Meal 

You must have to prepare something for your guest. But how is it possible within one hour? When still you have lots to do! Here is the solution. Order something from a restaurant instead of cooking. It will save your time, and you can invest it in cleaning. But showing some sincerity you can make drinks after finishing the meal. 

  1. Organise Messy Rooms

Your guest is not going to visit every room of your house, right? Then clean up the important room only. Such as the drawing-room, living area, guest room, dining, etc. Other rooms should be locked. 

Then organize the bedsheets, pillow, books, table, sofa set, etc. Put the dirty clothes on the laundry basket. Set the drawing room and living room nicely with showing pieces or putting flowers on a vase. 

  1. Empty Kitchen Sink

Quickly wash the dirty plate, glass that you pile for days. Otherwise, you may not find a bowl for serving food. The fastest way to clean up all dishes is by pouring the sink with water and a dishwasher. Then soak them for minutes and clean with water. 

Don’t forget to tidy up countertops as well. And also, clean up the dining table and arrange plates, glass beside.

  1. Sweep The Floor

If your floor looks dirty, the mob quickly over the floor. No need to sweep the entire house. Just the specific rooms your guest might visit. No need to vacuum the carpet. It’s time-consuming. Only remove chip packets, cans, newspapers, etc. from the carpet. If you have extra cleaned rugs, replace them with a dirty one. 

  1. Tidy Up Toilet

Don’t forget to check the common toilet where the guest might go. You obviously are not going to give a full sweep. But clean the commode only. Then dry the floor, change the towel, replace a new soap and tissue. Moreover, use bathroom fragrance after finishing all for a fresh environment.  


We hope after following the methods, you will still have some time. Then use this time for preparing yourself. Don’t open the door, holding a broom in hand with an exhausted face. Welcome them with a warm smile. Your guest will be happy to see you waiting for them.

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