This Is Roasting! The Best Coffee Beans To Use For Roasting Coffee


Fun Fact: Coffee used to be called the “bitter invention of Satan.”

This was back in the 17th century when coffee was just making its way to Europe. A century later, Thomas Jefferson deemed coffee as “the favourite drink of the civilised world,” and it continues to be the drink of choice for many up to this day.  

Now, if you’re also a coffee fan, and want to know how to roast your own beans, great! Though it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of roasting coffee beans, the experience can be quite rewarding. Some even say they’ll never go back to store-bought coffee after trying out home roasting. 

That being said, roasting coffee always starts with choosing the best beans. Here, we’ll explain what that means, and how to select the best coffee beans for you.

The 3 Ws of Choosing Coffee Beans

While there are many brands of beans for coffee roasting, only you can say which ones are the best. That’s because “the best” is subjective.

Some like dark roast coffee because the taste is less acidic, while others prefer blends that have rich flavours. What helps to narrow down your choices is knowing the answers to these 3 questions.

1. What Is Your Brew Style?

Do you use a French press, an espresso machine, or a drip coffee maker? Some beans are versatile and will work with any brew style.

There are others, however, that are more suited for a specific brewing method. For example, Ethiopian bean varieties are best suited for drip and pour-over.

Of course, if you plan to open a coffee roasting business, it helps to try different types of coffee beans. You can check out these tips for more information. 

2. What Flavours Are You After?

Some coffee drinkers prefer beans that when brewed, can be consumed without milk. Others like blends that have a pronounced fruity, floral taste. 

There are also those who may be sensitive to acidity, which is why they go for low-acid coffee beans. Or maybe you’re reducing your caffeine consumption? If this is the case, there are also decaffeinated coffee beans you can try.

3. What Are Your Consumer Values?

Whether you buy your beans locally or online, the values you believe in will influence your purchase decisions. 

Let’s say, you only buy Fair Trade goods. There are Fair Trade certified coffee beans you can buy online or in-store. You only need a bit of research to find the best brands.

Also, if you want to be sure you’re only buying beans that aren’t treated with pesticides or chemical additives, you can buy organic beans by looking for the USDA organic and/or CCOF seal. 

Wake Up to Great Coffee

Are you ready to start roasting at home?

Now that you know more about choosing the best coffee beans, the only thing that’s left for you to do is to buy your first bag of unroasted green beans and just do it.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with the process and this will become your new hobby. If you need more tips and advice, though, you can always check out our other coffee-related posts.

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