How to: Three easy hairstyles for the party season

volume hairstyles

Volume is back! And no, we aren’t talking about the beehive or the 80’s ‘teased within an inch of it’s life’ hairstyles. We are talking about adding volume to sleek hairstyles such as updo’s, ponytails or just some added volume at the crown to add a bit of oomph to your hair, which is perfect for those with fine hair.

The must have product to achieve some volume to your hair is a dry shampoo. Dry-shampooing has been around since the 18th century when wig-wearing aristocrats sprinkled their faux mops with oil-absorbing powders. But a recent boom of products, for time poor ladies on the run, means there’s a glut of products to choose from. Most of the dry shampoo products come in the form of a spray can, which doesn’t get to where it is specifically needed.

Enter SHU UEMURA Art of Hair Volume Maker, this fragrance-free, dual-purpose powder delivers fake-clean, full-bodied locks with a single click. Oil-absorbing silica silyate keeps grease at bay, while texturizing polymers adhere to the hair’s surface for invisible texture and lift. The compact click-applicator brush lets you get those translucent silica particles exactly where you need them for all-day lift.

Start with dry hair. Remove the top cap and click the button on the bottom a couple times to release the white powder into the goat-hair brush. Apply to the roots, then massage mane with fingers to blend and activate the product. The more you use, the more volume your hair will have.

Volume maker is a delicate hair powder brush that gives instant root lift, texture and body. It helps to refresh any blow-dry for 
 a long-lasting hairstyle. The powder is invisible so it works 
 on all hair colors! The small and compact applicator is perfect for on-the-go hair touch-ups and a must-have for the party 
 season. A must-have for every handbag to take 
 you from day to night.


What do you think of the hairstyles? We love the updo and side ponytail!

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