Engagement Ring Trends for 2015


Looking for some “ringspiration” to help you find your ideal engagement ring?

Increasingly brides are having more input in their engagement rings, with many couples choosing a ring together. Find your perfect bling to match your style and personality with the help of artisanal jeweller Michael Fallah (also known as Mick The Jeweller- www.mickthejeweller.com.au), who outlines the biggest engagement ring trends for 2015.

Add some colourSpurred on by Kate Middleton’s stunning heirloom sapphire ring, coloured engagement rings have experienced a surge in popularity. While sapphires and yellow diamonds are classic options for coloured stones, many celebrities are opting for bolder statement pieces, like rubies, emeralds and black diamonds.

Rare and effortlessly stylish, the uniqueness of the black diamond is best captured in Carrie’s iconic proposal in Sex and the City where she receives a black diamond engagement ring because she’s “not like anyone else.” Coloured stones not only look distinctive, they are a great way to make a ring more personalised to the wearer. Olivia Wilde’s diamond engagement ring featured an eye catching halo of emerald diamonds to match her eyes, while Jessica Simpson received a ruby ring in honour of her July birthday.

Share the experience

A great way to celebrate your engagement is to share the unforgettable experience of designing the engagement ring together. The benefits of having a custom made ring is that it gives couples the opportunity to mark the most significant moment of their lives together with a ring that is truly unique to them. It is a great way to bond together during their engagement while bringing their creation to life.

The process of choosing an engagement ring is stressful enough for most guys and there’s a lot of pressure to get it right as she will be wearing this ring forever.

Engagement rings are often the most expensive piece of jewellery you will invest in, so getting a custom made ring takes out all of the guess work and stress of the proposal. At Mick’s workshop in Sydney, couples have the opportunity to come in and see me melt down the gold I will be using for their wedding rings in person.

It’s a great chance for them to bring in their wedding photographer or videographer to capture the once in a lifetime experience to include in their wedding album and video.

Fancy Shapes

The shape of the stone can reflect the wearer’s style and personality, with fancy shaped stones becoming a fast favourite among bride’s to be. While the round solitaire shape is classic and timeless, it is also the most expensive option due to its high demand. For couples that are wanting to get the most out of their budget, Mick recommends looking into alternatives to round shapes, such as emerald cut, oval cut, princess cut, and cushion cut.

Not just a lower cost option, fancy shapes are a popular option for those wanting something a bit different. Fancy shapes have been spotted on the ring fingers of many A-listers including style-setters like Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, Olivia Palermo and Kaley Cuoco. This trend is also a nod to vintage Hollywood glamour, channelling the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly who both wore emerald cut engagement rings.

Unique Settings

Whether you prefer a simpler, classic four prong setting or desire an intricate and unique setting, there are no shortage of options for choosing how to set your stone.

For those wanting something a bit different, take inspiration from Scarlett Johansen’s art deco vintage style ring or the vintage glamour of Mary Kate Olsen’s vintage European cut diamond framed by 16 sapphires, set in 18-karat gold, complete with side petals set with single-cut diamonds. It’s amazing the impact that you can create by experimenting with raised settings, twisted bands and even mixed metals to create a modern and fresh ring setting.

To truly create a setting that is one of a kind, a bespoke custom made engagement ring is the way to go. Mick consults with couples using sketches and CAD models to make sure that he has really captured all of the details that they want and that they are 100% happy with the design before I create the ring. This collaborative relationship gives couples the opportunity to craft a ring that is truly unique to them and symbolic of their one of a kind love.  

Michael has been designing and hand crafting fine jewellery for over 13 years and is well known for his expertise in working with exquisite gems and intricate designs. Mick gives couples the opportunity to mark the most significant moment of their lives together with a bespoke custom made ring that they will treasure forever.

For more information please visit: www.mickthejeweller.com.au

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