Tips To Look Your Best In Your T-Shirt

T-shirts get their name from the T shape they form with the body and sleeves. These are often made from stretchy and light fabric with different necklines like the round neckline, V-neck, or collar. Although these are one of the most common pieces of clothing worn universally, a little extra attention can make you look great in your t-shirt. If you are keen on choosing the best one for yourself, you can consider the following factors.

Proper Fitting

Like any other piece of clothing, the fit plays an important role in ensuring that a t-shirt looks great on you. According to the experts, men can’t go wrong with a fitted white t-shirt. The shape of the t-shirt will help accentuate the masculine broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Regardless of how you are built, it can help you look more masculine as long as it fits properly.

In order for a t-shirt to be called the right fit, it should have seams that sit on the edge of your shoulders perfectly. The sleeves need to be fitted around your arms without extending to the elbows. In case the sleeves are slightly longer, you can fold them a couple of times for a fitted look. Another important criterion to look out for is the length of the top. It has to be long enough to be tucked in easily into your trousers without bunching up at your waist. A rule of thumb is to check whether the t-shirt goes past your hip bone and covers your waistband. 

Since the t-shirt is usually made from a light fabric, it tends to cling to your body shape. So you need to choose a fit that allows it to conform slightly to your body’s curve without revealing every detail. The neck should be loose enough to allow free movement without creating a big gap around your neck. Experts agree that skin-tight t-shirts are best left for sports, while the right fit are acceptable elsewhere.

The Right Fabric

The quality of a t-shirt has no bearing on its weight. Interestingly, t-shirts that are lighter tend to be more expensive. Experts recommend investing in one that is made from 100% cotton, like Egyptian or Pima cotton. They last longer, feel lighter, and look thinner. Another acceptable option is cotton blends. The fabric is a blend of cotton and an acceptable amount of elastane, which is responsible for maintaining the shape of your top. According to investing t-shirts made from cotton or polyester for its bounce-back properties is wise. Cotton-polyester blends are priced lower and creaseless. It is important to read the label before you buy it to understand the composition of the fabric. The common options available include:

Combed Cotton: This is a smooth and soft fabric that has been brushed fine to remove short strands and straighten the fibres.

Pima: Pima is one of the highest grades of cotton and has extra-long fibres. It gets softer with use and has the ability to resist stretching, pilling, and fading.

Organic Cotton: This is one of the more expensive options available. The material of the fabric is obtained from cotton that is grown organically.

Jersey: Jersey tees are made from a synthetic blend and are considered to be very comfortable and flexible.

Bamboo: T-shirts made from bamboo fabric are very soft and have a soft sheen. Although they are slightly expensive, the fabric is breathable, keeping you comfortable during hot days.

Merino: 100% of Merino wool ones are very expensive. They can be worn for a whole week without washing. Many people opt to use these t-shirts while travelling.

Polyester: Polyester fabric is quick-drying and light. It is resistant to shrinking as well as wrinkles.

T-Shirt Colours

Every man needs to have at least one t-shirt in white, grey, black, and navy blue color in their wardrobe. These colours can be paired with different trousers to create versatile looks that are subtle. The white color which works well on the male physique also complements different skin tones. However, be careful to wash it separately while doing your laundry. The grey t-shirt offers the advantage of enhancing your body shape. But be careful of sweat patches that are usually easily visible on darker shades. 

A black t-shirt is another universally popular option that can be paired well with any trousers. However, frequent washes can cause the color to fade quickly, so try to avoid wearing it consistently. The navy colored ones go well with jeans to create tonal looks. It is acceptable day wear and is often a preferred choice by most men. You can choose a t-shirt in plenty of other shades and prints as well. You can pair them with cardigans or wear them on their own as long as the color suits your skin tone.

The Right Style

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the t-shirt’s collar. If you are planning on layering, you need to make sure that your collars match. Crew neck t-shirts suit men who have sloped shoulders or a small chest. It creates an illusion of broad shoulders, making the body appear more proportional. V-necks suit men of shorter stature as it creates an illusion of height by elongating the neck. It also creates a balance for men who have narrow faces and long necks. While there are plenty more neckline styles like deep V-neck, boat neck, scoop neck, etc it is a good idea to stay away from these trends.

Tuck In or Not

In general, experts agree that teens should not be tucked in unless it is a part of your uniform. However, it is still possible to look great in a tucked-in t-shirt as long as it is the right fit and is paired well. A tucked-in short sleeve t-shirt paired with tailored trousers can make you look classy.

At the end of the day, the t-shirt is a universally loved piece of clothing. So make sure you consider the factors mentioned above while picking out new ones.

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