Top 3 Unique Ways To Help You Enjoy Biltong

Dried meats have become extremely popular nowadays. Since most people live an extremely hectic lifestyle, this food item has become a staple in every pantry. One of the most popular dried meat options that you can find is the biltong, a South African dried and cured meat made from either beef, fish, poultry, or other game meats. 

But its dark meat can intimidate those who are unaccustomed to this type of savoury food item. Other people are also having difficulty distinguishing it from other kinds of dried meat snacks like jerky. So, if this is the first time you have encountered this type of treat, here are several ways to enjoy it as the South Africans would. 

#1: Create a Unique Take on Surf and Turf

This type of dried meat pairs well with different kinds of seafood. Its gamey, smokey flavour profile tastes great when matched with your favourite dishes with fish and crustaceans. 

For example, you may whip up a unique and tasty salad with your favourite greens, grilled tuna, creamy avocado, and your air-dried meat. This combination is perfect for those who want to boost their protein intake.  

#2: Whip Up Smokey Soups 

Give your soup an entirely different taste by adding a touch of biltong powder to your recipe for that subtle smokey flavour. You can also make it the main component of the dish by using traditional South African soup recipes. One of the most popular ones combines dried meat with blue cheese. This bold and rich flavour combination could become the new go-to soup dishes that you can share with your friends and family. 

But for those looking for a healthier soup option, you can cook a delicious butternut squash soup and add several pieces of dried meat for a one-of-a-kind dish. 

#3: Make Snacks More Interesting

Some of your usual snacks will taste even better by adding this unique dried meat from South Africa. For example, your average baked potato will taste even better if you top it up with pieces of this delicacy and some sour cream. 

Hard-boiled eggs and dried meats are also a good flavour combination. The saltiness of the meat can balance the creaminess of the egg. It will result in a simple but delectable snack. But if you want something more filling during your snack time, you can use this ingredient to create a yummy sandwich as a ham or bacon replacement. 

You may also use this food item to jazz up simple recipes like baked potato and quiche. It can also serve as a good ingredient replacement for cold cuts when making a charcuterie board for your scheduled wine and cheese night with your friends. Some of the best cheeses that work well with this delicacy include goat cheeses, sharp aged cheeses, blue cheeses, and all types of creamy cheeses. You only need some dried fruits, crackers, chocolates and jams to complete your one-of-a-kind cheese board. 

You can find a lot of uses for this popular South African snack. But this product also tastes great by itself. Take it anywhere you go so you can enjoy a yummy snack anytime you want. So the next time you see a pack of this dried meat in the market, try to get one to enjoy the unique taste of this exotic delicacy. 

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