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The car a woman chooses can be like her take on fashion. Some women want a luxury car with good looks, style and a brand name; much like a designer label. Some women want a car that looks good but also has excellent quality, like a high street store. While others still want a practical and comfortable car that gets them where they need to go, similar to shopping at a department store.

I see myself as the high street, quality type of car owner. I have had my Mazda 6 for four years now and I haven’t had any issues with it. It is a stylish, practical, family car with a lot of boot space (even more than my husband’s Captiva) and is of excellent quality.

Style, quality, and practicality – much like my wardrobe.

It’s interesting to see that SUV’s were the most popular choice for families now, while small cars are the most popular vehicles over all, with the Toyota Corolla (below, top) taking out the highest selling car in Australia again for 2015. The Mazda 3 (below, bottom) came in a close second.

Toyota corolla Mazda 3

Obviously, due to the sales figures mentioned above, the Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 were quite popular with women. Both offer great value for money, as well as quality and style.

So which cars are popular for women, other than the Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3? Below I’ve shared a few models you will be sure to love!

Small cars:

Renault Clio GT


The Renault Clio is the epitome of European styling, and with its smooth lines and head-turning looks this car is for those who want to be noticed.

The Clio is good in the city, performing well for the work and school commute. It also offers that element of excitement on weekend drives, and comfortably seats the average sized family. The price point is on the high end for a small car at around the $30K+ mark, but like all things (especially cars) you get what you pay for and with this car, it is quality and style.

The Clio offers keyless entry, a push-button start and a 17.7cm touch-screen with sat nav. It also features a reverse camera, auto headlights and wipers, cruise and climate control and leather seats.

Boasting a five-star safety rating, this car also includes standard ABS with brake assist, stability and traction control and hill-start assist. The Clio is a gorgeous car that is a pleasure to drive. And like most European design, the look will never date either.


Hyundai i30

hyundai-i30-2015 cars

 Stylish and affordable at $21K for the base model, the i30 includes a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty with a lot included features that many other small cars don’t offer.

To start, the i30 offers a reversing camera, reverse parking sensors, power windows, central locking and cruise control. It also offers bonus features including a 5-inch colour touchscreen, internet audio streaming, and USB audio input plus Bluetooth phone, making the i30 a lively small car that won’t let you down


Honda CR-V

2015-Honda-CR-V-EU-1 cars

The Honda CR-V is a mid-size SUV that is perfect for driving around town.

This car offers such delightful features as cruise control, reversing camera and rain-sensing wipers. To really sweeten the deal, dual-zone climate control, an auto dimming mirror, and keyless start are all standard.

It’s an extremely comfortable car with plenty of head and legroom, and it also offers heated seats with luxurious soft leather that provide excellent padding and support.

A comfortable well-built, roomy SUV which should serve the family faithfully for many years to come with little to no issues.


Range Rover Evoque


With any Range Rover model, you expect the high-end British style and quality, but the Evoque goes one step further with its appealing mid-range size and modern styling. Gone are the days of square, bulky sports vehicles, as this car is so stylish you’ll do a double-take!

Of course, finding the right car isn’t an easy task. You need to narrow down your requirements before you begin researching your next car purchase.

Cars are the second highest investment you will make other than your house, and in the past year, there have been numerous recalls on brand new “lemons,” so it is a good idea to check out a site like Carsales.

We also know that most car owners turn their cars over every five to seven years, so you want to make sure you have a reliable car you will have for years to come.

Which car is your favourite?

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