Top Tips For Dressing Your Windows

wood blinds

Windows are the equivalent of eyes for your home. They let you see out to the views surrounding your house, and they let light in. Kerb appeal is also very important to maintain the value of your home, so make sure your windows aren’t letting you down.

If you don’t have the time or energy to clean your windows, hire a professional team to stop by once a month. Not only does clean glass let better light in, but it improves your view of the world around you. Professionals also clean the frames, tidying up the external appearance of your property.

Because we look out of them so much, we notice any dirt or muck on the panes or internal frames more than anywhere else in the home. Once they are clean, it’s important to dress the windows so they match and enhance our décor. There are many different types of blinds and curtains to choose from.

Venetian blinds are very popular because they control the amount and quality of light that comes in. They are quite good at reflecting excess sunlight back out to reduce the heat in your room. They are not the cheapest way to dress a window, but they can look very stylish. You can usually buy them in a range of finishes that includes wood grain, white wood and bright colours.

Roller blinds are much cheaper than Venetian, and you have far more choice in terms of colour, pattern and finish. Blackout blinds are popular for those who work nights as they cut out a great deal of the light coming in during the day. Pick colours to complement your internal palette.

For a very elegant look in your home, you could install Roman blinds. These are made from lush fabrics and gracefully unfurl to cover your windows as required. They fold up to the top leaving a beautiful frame.

For a stylish and classic look, you can’t go past plantation shutters. Shutters shine in both traditional and contemporary spaces and can take your home to a new level of style. The louvred design allows you to adjust the light levels into your home and maintain privacy. Plantation shutters, which get their name from the southern plantation style shutter, are favourited in the Hamptons style of decor.

Many people enjoy vertical sliding blinds because they are so practical. They are particularly good for patio doors as you can open them part way to reveal the door opening. They too come in a range of colours and look very chic as part of your décor. Curtains are similar in nature, and can also be purchased with thermal backing to reduce the cold in winter.

The best thing about drapes is they can fully frame the window on both sides when open. And they can completely block out the light when closed. Lush fabrics make them a focal point for the room, dressing the window beautifully. Curtains are usually made to measure, and the choices for fabric, pattern and colour are endless.

Dressing your windows can really change the look and feel of any room. You can add elegant floral arrangements to your window sill, or beautiful ornaments to add interest. Whether you choose curtains or blinds, your windows can look homely from the inside and outside.

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