Top Ways To Ensure Your Elderly Relative Doesn’t Get Lonely During The Holidays!

Loneliness has one of the biggest impacts on an elderly person’s health. It can cause them to not look after themselves properly, and it can put them at higher risk of depression. And it’s even been linked to dementia in older people. As I said before, some older people go for weeks without talking to another human being. The holidays are some of the worst times for the elderly. It can make them feel miserable when they should be surrounded by family. Therefore, here are some top ways to ensure your elderly relative doesn’t get lonely during the Christmas holidays.


Let them come to stay with you

The easiest way to ensure your relative doesn’t feel blue during the Christmas season is to let them come and stay with you. That way, you can keep an eye on them, and they will be surrounded by people who love them during the holidays. Even if it’s for a few days, it will stop your family member from feeling lonely. Therefore, make arrangements in your property and ask your relative to come and stay. They might protest as they will feel like they are an inconvenience, but persuade them to come and stay for the Christmas celebrations.

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Arrange for them to go to a group

When you are busy with work and kids, it’s hard to find time to see your relative during the Christmas period. But to ensure they don’t get lonely during the holidays, you should arrange for them to go to a group. You will be surprised how many groups are around that your relatives can attend. They will be surrounded by other elderly people who feel lonely. They will all be able to reminisce together about the past and might become good friends. And knowing your elderly relative has company, you will be able to relax a little while preparing for the holidays.

Sort some home care for them

If you live far away from your elderly relative, it can be hard to be there for them during the holidays. But you don’t want your relative to be alone at Christmas. Therefore, you should consider setting up some home care for them. The companion will visit them and will stop them from being lonely during the Christmas period. They will also help them with housekeeping duties. To encourage your relative to accept the help, you might want to look into a senior companion program. With the carer a similar age to your relative, it can help them be more accepting of the help.

Arrange for other family members to visit them

It can be hard to visit your elderly relative every day. Therefore, to ensure they don’t get lonely during the Christmas season, you need to speak with other family members. Make a plan so that your elderly relative sees someone for at least an hour a day during the Christmas period. That way, you won’t have to worry about them being lonely when you are busy with work.

And remember that it’s not only your relative who will be lonely this Christmas. Take the time to chat with neighbors who might not be seeing anyone at this time of the year! And drop them round some mincemeat pies as a heartwarming gift!

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