Your Wellbeing Is Not Limited To Just Your Physical Health

Well-being is more than just physical health. It is a holistic approach that deals with physical emotional and at times, even the spiritual aspect of our lives. While we are coming around to this idea a bit more in the West now. But for a long time, it has just all been about how we are doing physically. That is why some people are unaware of the other aspects and what they can do with them, to improve their wellbeing.

Our physical self is still important

That is not to say that the physical aspect of our health is not important to our wellbeing. It definitely is. We are all aware of how keeping fit through exercising can help us feel better, as well as live longer.

The same goes for eating healthy, vitamin rich food with a low GI. As food like this will release their energy slowly into your system, preventing energy spikes and crashes. These can have a significant effect on our performance and how we are feeling at any given time.

Yes, the emotional and spiritual aspect of existence are important. But it is crucial to remember that we as humans have an embodied experience. So, in some ways, our health and well being will always be dependent on our physical comfort.

Emotions play a role in health

Unfortunately, emotional health has been less important in traditional Western medicine. The medical field has often discounted that what we feel emotionally, can have an effect on how we’re feeling physically.

In addition, it has often sought to treat problems with their roots in emotional difficulties in a physical way. For example, ascribing depression to a chemical imbalance in the brain. While some theories suggest, it is more to do with the situation that a person finds themselves in.


Luckily, a holistic medicine approach tends to factor in the emotional and physical aspect of health. So it can provide a more rounded treatment plan. This means that holistic treatment is not dependent on the Western conception of medicine. But it uses Eastern and Western techniques in tandem to create the best results.

Spiritual Health

It might sound silly, but it is also worth noting that studies show that a person’s spirituality can have an impact on their health and wellbeing.

Spiritual health can be a bit harder to measure than the other types because it is based on personal and subjective experience. But is doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean we should discount it.

For example, spiritual practice such as meditation and Tai Chi have been shown to reduce stress. Which is a leading cause of many health problems.  

They can also help improve the way in which we relate to problems in our physical and emotional worlds. Meditative experiences can create a shift in perception. This can allow people to distance themselves from the pain and so cause an improvement in overall well-being.

This can be an important coping tool for people with chronic illness and pain. Allowing them to reclaim some of their lives and manage the physical discomfort that comes with these conditions.

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