Transform Your Home From Winter To Spring

During winter, your home has probably felt like a cosy cocoon full of thick blankets, heat as high as your energy bill will allow, and an oven full of winter casseroles and comfort food. Now, spring is here and the weather is finally warming up, it will breathe new life into your home, making the comforts of winter feel a little stuffy. Spring cleaning doesn’t end at dusting, it also includes changing up a few decor items to brighten up your space. Here are a few ways to fully transition your house into the new season:

Change your bed sheets and linen

The flannelette sheets that kept you snug during winter will be an uncomfortably hot bed during spring. Put your winter bedding in storage and replace them with some breathable cotton, linen or bamboo sheets. Some light, pastel colours will also look much better in the new light and brighten up the room. After a long winter, this is a welcome change. There’s something about lighter and brighter colours that uplift the mood of the room.

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Let the light in

The benefits of sunlight cannot be denied, so this spring trade in your heavy curtains for some light drapes. Letting in the sun and the breeze will go a long way toward turning your home into a shelter from winter, into a hub of fresh air and light. 

Get rid of the dust

After the sunlight refreshes the rooms, it will be easier to see which spots have collected dust during the colder months.  Things like fans have been gathering dust, which will not help anyone already suffering from spring hay fever. 

Choose a new home fragrance

During winter, the smell of slow cooking and spicy or oriental fragranced candles and diffusers are the main fragrance in the home. In the new season, try some simpler and fresher fragrances, like cut grass, cotton fresh or your favourite floral scent. Something that makes you feel like you’re outside enjoying the fresh spring air.  We recommend choosing quality candles and diffusers, as they tend to last longer. Unfortunately, a lot of candles lose their fragrance when burning, this is why we love Peppermint Grove, Circa, Glasshouse Fragrances and Ecoya for their longevity and beautiful fragrances.

A light coat of paint

A bright colour will reflect the light and brighten up the room now that spring has arrived. It’s a very simple touch-up, but it will go a long way.  After the colour has spread throughout the space, you can use this new blank canvas to update the colour schemes and decor in the room. However, if you don’t feel like investing in a paint job, then you can buy a lovely, big mirror or painting and hang it in the room that gets the most traffic.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Nothing says spring like flowers. A few green plants with a splash of colour will liven up any room and leave a beautiful scent. Opening the windows will stir the air that has been stagnant for months, and clean out any lingering energy from the winter of hibernation. Spring is the time to begin cultivating new life, so why not start a small herb garden on your windowsill or focus your attention on keeping some indoor plants alive?

Change the decor

Once everything is clean, and the air feels fresh, try changing the decor to match the season. You can also consider remodeling different areas of your house to keep up with the changing season. For this, you can contact professional Home Care Contractors. While hiring these contractors, you can read their online google reviews to get an idea of their services. Switch your faux fur and dark cushions for bright patterns and brighter-coloured designs. The options are limitless.

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