Travelling With A Disability Is Easy – Here’s How

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There is no reason people with a disability shouldn’t travel. Lots of disabled travellers enjoy taking vacations in numerous countries, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t either! Just remember to follow these tips to make travelling with a disability super easy and stress-free.

Book An Easy-Access Room

Most hotels will have easy-access rooms that are intended for guests with disabilities. The rooms will be larger than standard so that there is enough space to maneuver a wheelchair in them. Each accessible room will also feature a disabled bathroom, complete with an alarm that you can use to alert the hotel staff if you have an accident. It’s important that you state you will need such a room when you book your hotel so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay.

Research Your Destination Well

Every destination will come with its own difficulties. For example, the city of Rome is extremely old and, as a result, you will find that most of the paths and roads in the older areas are made of cobbles. That can be very bumpy when you are being wheeled over them! But if you do your research, you will be able to figure out the best routes for a wheelchair. It could also be worth seeing if there is a local mobility hire company, like Blue Badge Mobility Hire, at your destination. If you don’t need your wheelchair all the time, you might be better off hiring one when you arrive rather than taking yours on the plane.

Tell Your Airline In Advance

It’s also a good idea to tell your airline that you have a disability. That way, they can move you and your family to a seat that is easily accessible. Plus, they will need to know in advance if they have to organise any special assistance to get you on the plane. Sometimes, wheelchair users need to use a special lift to get up onto the plane. Once you book your flights, contact the airline’s customer service team so they can help you make arrangements.

Look For Accessible Tours

When you get to your destination, you might want to go on a tour around some of the major sites and attractions. Unfortunately, not every tour group caters to disabled visitors so you might not be able to go on every tour. Thankfully, though, there are now more and more tour companies who are arranging specialist tours for people with disabilities. These will take you on accessible routes around cities and destinations, and there will also be special arrangements to ensure everyone can access the various attractions.

Remember A Backup Plan

You never know when the worst might happen, so it’s always necessary to have a backup plan when you are travelling. For example, find out where you can get your wheelchair fixed if it breaks. It’s also a good idea to look into backup plans, as there is a chance that planes and trains might be cancelled. Travel with a care worker for a more convenient trip. Ask your specialist support coordination to refer you to a reliable caregiver agency. And if the replacement service isn’t accessible for disabled people, you might be left stranded!

Happy travels!

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