Try My Guide To Create A Dream Garden For Your Home

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You may have lived in your home for a while now, or you might only have just moved in. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned your property for. Putting off getting the garden landscaped means you deny yourself the pleasure of your outside space. It doesn’t matter if your space is big or small. Enjoying your home should include having a dream garden to retreat to whatever the weather.


To get started with your garden design, clear out the old. You can find a Mini Loader hire company to strip bare what’s there to give you a fresh start. Now you can measure up and plan your garden in detail. Choose different sections for different uses. You should include a place for seating and another area for dining. If you have kids or a pet, they might need their own spaces too. Have you ever fancied growing your own food? Now could be the time to start!


Most gardens can be used for entertaining almost all year round. It needs a levelled area that you can then pave or deck, depending on your preference. Paving will need less maintenance than decking, but a lot of people prefer the natural wood effect of a deck in their garden. Choose a space that is approximately three meters square. This gives you plenty of space for a dining table and chairs. Now you can decide how to provide the area with shelter and shade.

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A half wall or a gazebo may be all you need to create a very pleasant dining area. You may choose to do something similar for a separate seating area. This seating area may overlook some colourful planting, or you might even install a pretty water feature. Some people like to keep fish in a pond. If you have children, it is important to gate off any areas where water is for safety. You might choose metal railings or wooden fencing for this.


Growing your own fruit and vegetables doesn’t need to take up much space. It can even be done in planters and tubs. Hanging baskets can be used to grow strawberries and flowers. If you have a dedicated area for growing your food, you will be better able to control pests and keep the soil fed and watered. You may also need to invest in winter protection if you live in a cold area.

garden bedThanks to Flickr for the pic


A dream garden should be easily accessible from the house. You might choose to install some bifold patio doors to open the inside out to the garden. Paths can lead from the doors to each of the areas of your garden. This can be very handy if you have a children’s play area, as it avoids getting muddy when crossing the lawn. You may even have a path to a summer house or garden office.


Take your time to design your dream garden. You can always change things and improve things later on. Most gardens are a work in progress that grows as your planting does. Enjoy your outdoor spaces to the max this season.


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