Turn Your Garden of Style into a Garden of Substance… Make It Edible

Your garden might be the most stylish on your road, but there’s only so much you can do when it comes to style. Unless you give your garden a complete makeover and start from scratch, there will always be a limit to how much you can do in your garden when your only desire is to make it stylish. But that’s where substance comes in…

If you turn your garden of style into a garden of substance by harvesting an area within it that allows you to grow your own good, the possibilities are endless with what you will be able to do. So, why not do it? Make your garden edible! For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

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First of all, set up a specific area for harvesting

The act of harvesting in your garden is about doing more than just planting a few seeds somewhere, watering them and hoping for the best. No, it’s about, first of all, setting up a specific area for harvesting and then dedicating a lot of time and effort into ensuring this area is up to the task, the task being to grow the fruit and veg that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed to serve to royalty!

First of all, designate an area of your garden to your harvesting venture that will provide whatever it is you are growing with the amount of sun they need. For the likes of onions, carrot, chillies and tomatoes, you should make sure this harvesting area will be adorned in as much sun as possible; for produce like beans, beets and broccoli, only partial amounts of sun will suffice. And then, once you’ve found the perfect plot of land for your produce, make sure to layer the area in soils that are mixed perfectly for veggie growing, such as that found at www.bibralakesoils.com.au. Once you do these things, you’ll have made the perfect start to your harvesting venture

But, you’ll only be able to capitalise on your good start if you refuse to get carried away. Yes, it’s pivotal that you don’t get carried away initially and that you start small with the venture, especially as a beginner,

Save seeds when and where you can

To be successful with your harvesting venture as it continues, you will have to always have an eye on the future as well as on the present. You will need to do this because, to be able to live on and on and on, harvesting gardens need to be sustainable, and they’re only going to be sustainable if you save all the seeds you possibly can. By doing so you will have the potential to retain a constant string of harvest all through growing season, and you would only be able to class yourself a true harvester if you did that. So, save those seeds!

To turn you garden into one that is edible and is full of harvesting substance, make sure to take heed of the advice above.

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