Give Your Garden A Makeover

Sometimes a garden just needs a little bit of TLC. It is easy to neglect it due to focusing on other areas of the house. The house after all is where people spend most of their time. But the garden should be one of the main events. There’s so much potential to them, and with the warmer weather creeping upon us, it’s time to start thinking about giving your garden a makeover. Before you know it it’ll be ready for you and your family and friends to enjoy. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some great tips for you that we know you’ll love. Read on to find out more.

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Socialising Area

Since summers are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, the garden needs to become an area of socialisation. It isn’t as hard to achieve this as you might think. The first thing you need to do is have a little decking area installed. Yes, it is the most costly thing we’re going to suggest you do, but the benefits of it are amazing. Decking looks smart, you don’t have to have it to big, and it lasts for years and years without needing anything doing to it. All you need is enough space to put some table and chairs, and maybe even a BBQ if you’re going to try your hand at some outdoor cooking. If decking isn’t your style, utilise the area you already have. If you don’t have any form of decking or patio, this is going to become a little harder. In this instance, you could just put a sofa outdoor furniture set down to give people a bit of comfort and allow there to be some socialisation.

Pretty Area

A garden needs to be pretty, but if you’re leaving it months without doing anything to it other than mowing the lawn once or twice, it’s going to get out of hand. The first step is making sure the grass is lush and green. Mow the lawn and put grass seeds and fertiliser down in any areas where the grass has begun to go bald a little. Then you want to make the place lively and colourful. Firstly, plant a tree or two. The lush green leaves they produce set off the rest of the colours in the garden. Live oak trees are perfect for this. They grow pretty big, but their big bolt statement makes them look amazing against the small colourful plants. For small plants, we suggest something like daffodils for a cute look, and a festuca glauca. The rest is up to you, but as long as you’re keeping it colourful and varied, you’ll be onto a winner.

Kids Area

You need to keep the kids in mind when it comes to the garden. They’re most likely going to be running around more than you are. Play jungle gyms are the perfect addition for them. It allows their imagination to run wild whilst they’re having fun. They can be a bit pricey, but if you look for a bargain you won’t be too far out of pocket.


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