The Ultimate ‘Girl’s Night in’ Pamper Night


Are you planning on having a night in this weekend rather than a big messy night out? Night’s out can be so much fun, but so can staying in. Staying in is cheaper, and you don’t usually make questionable decisions that you regret later on! You also get some time to relax and pamper yourself like you deserve. You can even invite your friends round and make it a group activity if you wish. Read on if you want some ideas for the ultimate ‘girl’s night in’ pamper night:

A Luxury Bath

Obviously you won’t hop in the bath if you’ve invited your friends round, but you can always have one before they arrive. If you’re alone for the night then a bath is a must – spend as long in there as you like! I like to add salts for aching muscles, bubble bath, and a bath bomb for good measure. I make sure that it smells and looks amazing before I get into it and soak all of my cares away. I get bored in there sometimes though, so I’ll take my laptop or music in there. When I’m done, I won’t get out without one of my heated spa towels ready for me on the radiator.

Chick Flicks

Chick flicks are a must when you’re staying in with the girls. Watch one in the bath if you like, or have one on in the background while you do some beauty treatments and have a good gossip. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a chick flick – watch Fast and Furious if you really want to!

Treat Foods

It’s nice to have a few treat foods when you’re staying in for the night, especially if you’re having friends round. Considering buying a pizza or ordering one if you don’t want to cook. I make sure i have a never ending supply of chocolate too!

Face Masks

A good face mask will make your skin glow and get rid of any pimples/blackheads. The great thing about face masks is that you can still eat chocolate and drink wine with them on!


When you have your friends round, you can paint one another’s nails. If you’re alone, paint your own. I like to use a gel polish so that it lasts longer. I always prepare the nail properly first too, with a good buff and base coat.

A Wine or Two

You need to have wine when you’re staying in with the girls. Just make sure you don’t get tempted to get your glad rags on and go out! If the force will be too strong, avoid the wine.

Special Guests/Entertainment

If this is a special occasion, you could consider entertainment or a special guest. Some people like to get a medium over for a group reading or something like that. It all depends on what you’re into!

How will you plan your girl’s night in? I hope these tips were helpful – have a fab time!

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