Ultimate Guide To Getting Inked For The First Time

Planning your first tattoo is a scary yet thrilling experience. You would almost wreck your nerve cells thinking about a lot of things.

Such as all the possible designs that you can have, about where you would want your tattoo in, about the place you would want to get your tattoo from, the safety hazards, the precautions you should take, the risk involved, etc. Las Vegas is a place popularly known for its tattoo parlors and varieties of tattoos one can get.

However, even after all these contemplations, tattoos still remain to be in trend. And are of course very popular among teenagers. You won’t want to make a mistake with your first tattoo, and it is advisable to be fully prepared before you jump into this adventure. 

So, before making this big decision, do your part of the research and become fully sure of what you are getting yourself into. Here’s a guide or things that should be considered before you get your first tattoo.

Think Before You Get It

Think about your tattoo. Well, that is needless to say because if it is your first tattoo, you are likely to be doing enough of that already. But what is of importance here is what tattoo do you want. You really need to give enough thought to what is it holds enough importance in your life to be turned into a tattoo. There could be endless choices for you to choose from for the design of your tattoo.

Since it will be your first tattoo, you will want to have something that holds sentimental value for you. Something that gives you the confidence to carry that tattoo and get others in the future. 

Another important thing to consider for your tattoo is where to get it from. You would want somebody professional, somebody with experience and a good record, to make your tattoo. Do not trust just anybody in this context.

Think about the placement of your tattoo

There are multiple questions that pop up in your mind when you plan on getting your first tattoo. And where to get that tattoo might be the first of them. And honestly, the placement of your first tattoo is considerably important. This is because tattoos hurt. A lot of experienced people have said that tattoos could feel like stinging, burning, or could even feel like cat scratches. 

So, if you are a first-timer and you have no experience with tattoos, it is advisable to get them in places like the exposed parts of the legs or arms, where the pain is usually less. This could even be an experience for you in comprehending whether or not you can bear the same elsewhere.

Take proper care of your tattoo

Your job does not finish after you get your tattoo made. It practically begins from there. You must make sure that your tattoo is kept clean after you’ve had it made. Taking care of your tattoo is your personal responsibility. You should put vaseline on the tattoo in the first few hours and cover the tattoo with a patch.

As you reach your home, you can take your regular bath and wash your tattoo with an antibacterial soap. You should also try to keep your tattoo away from the direct UV rays of the Sun. They will degrade and fade the ink. 

You can also use three layers of Aquaphor for the first week on your tattoo. It will keep your tattoo safe and hygienic.

Start small

One good piece of advice for people getting a tattoo for the first time is to get a small first tattoo. You are going to have that piece of art on your body for the rest of your life, and you would not want to be hasty about it. Since it will be your first time, you ought not to be very sure of how your skin is going to react or how you are even going to react once you actually get the tattoo. Therefore, starting small is the smart choice.

Starting with small tattoos will build your confidence and make you sure about whether you like the whole idea of tattoos or not. It is also very likely to prepare you for a bigger tattoo if you ever plan to have one. Small tattoos will also help you realize if you are comfortable with tattoos on your body or not.

Take professional help

Getting a tattoo for the first time can get a little overwhelming, and people are very likely to feel scared and jittery right before the process. In such a case, it is advisable to go up and talk to people who have had tattoos earlier. These people will talk about their experiences and motivate you to the extent that it will help you regain your long-lost confidence.

You should also do proper and enough research on just the kind of tattoo you should get and on who to get it from. Las Vegas has some great tattoo artists, take the help of the internet and talk to people with tattoos to find the one for you. You should look up for the best tattoo artists in las vegas and choose the one with expertise and experience. One, who is not only experienced and professional in his work but also has good and successful past records. 

The complete experience of you getting your first tattoo depends largely on the person who makes your tattoo. Moreover, your tattoo is going to remain with you for the rest of your life, so you would not like to risk it with somebody who is not professional and experienced in this field.


Tattoos are a lifetime decision and should therefore be given enough thought and research. Therefore, as important as it is to decide on a perfect tattoo, it is equally important to choose a good tattoo artist. One that not only understands your requests but also knows their artistic importance.

You should also give yourself enough time to make this decision and get used to having a tattoo after getting inked. Be patient with your tattoo on yourself. And make sure to have a tattoo that you are ready to flaunt.

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