4 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for a Boob Job

boob job

Have you been considering breast augmentation? It’s a great way to add volume and curves to your body or even out asymmetrical breasts. 

You can get your confidence back after pregnancy and reverse the clock on aging. These are only a few benefits that you can get from this procedure.

The question is, are you right for the treatment? You’ve got to consider your physical health, and you’ll need time on your side.

If you don’t give yourself enough time to recover, it could be bad. These are only a few things to discuss with your doctor. Check out this guide to learn more. 

1. Your Concern Is Your Breast Size 

There’s a common misconception that you can use breast augmentation to assist with sagging breasts, but it’s not the best option if this is your primary concern. 

Augmentation works for increasing breast size and fullness. Simply putting in an implant won’t do much for sagging. In fact, it could make your situation worse. 

Combining a breast lift with argumentation might do the trick, but augmentation alone won’t be enough for you to get your desired results. 

2. You’re in Good Physical Health 

For the breast augmentation surgery to go well, you’re going to need to be in peak physical health. This means no serious medical conditions or infections. 

During your consultation, you’ll need to discuss your complete medical history. Your doctor will help you decide if going forward is wise or not. 

3. You Have Time and Money on Your Side 

If you’re going to recover from your breast implants as quickly as possible, you’re going to need to avoid stress at all costs. This means modifying your work schedule a bit so you can relax. 

Ask your boss if they would mind allowing you to work from home for a bit or cash in those vacation days that you’ve been saving up. Of course, avoiding stress also means easing your financial anxieties. 

Your insurance most likely won’t cover your breast augmentation by Dr. Banerji because it’s cosmetic. Programs such as CareCredit might be able to help, though.  

4. You Think a Change Is in Order

The main purpose of a boob job is to allow you to gain more confidence in your body shape. If you feel like the surgery will help with that, there’s no reason not to move forward.

This being said, modifying your body is a huge decision. It’s one that you should make alone with your surgeon. If there’s someone whispering in your ear, it might be better for you to avoid implants. 

Signs That Breast Augmentation Is for You

Are considering getting a breast augmentation? There are several reasons to talk to your doctor about the surgery, but it’s not a decision that you should make lightly. 

You’ll need to think a lot about it before moving forward. There’s a chance that you may not be a good candidate. If this is the case, the results won’t be to your liking. 

If you’re looking for more tips that will help you gain more confidence in your appearance, visit the Hair & Beauty section of our blog. 

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