Understanding the Best Diet Changes That a Woman Over 50 Can Make


There’s a whole list of reasons to celebrate turning 50! It’s like a turning point for many women who reach this age as their children are growing up and they can begin this new phase of their life. 

Many women also start to focus on their health and wellness. Living a healthy life means you have lots of life left to live. 

But the truth is that it can also get more challenging to control your weight after 50. From hormonal changes and a slower metabolism, weight control can become more challenging. Are you wondering what the best diet changes you can make for living a healthy life?

Read on to learn about changes you can make in your diet for optimal health way past your 50s.


Many women come into their 50s and are more sedentary than in their earlier years of life. One concern as a result of this is the loss of important muscle mass in their body.

It’s not just how your body looks, but also how it handles the calories you bring into your body. Giving your 50s body enough protein can also help it to reduce the risk of muscle loss. 

Women in their 50s need to pay attention to protein intake to help their muscle mass. How much protein you need depends on your weight.

Many popular diets for women in their 50s, like the Paleo diet, encourage a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.


For many women over the age of 50, they need to begin to worry about bone health and osteoporosis. They run a higher risk of bones breaking as they age. The body doesn’t absorb calcium in the same way as when they were younger. 

Some women become more sensitive to milk as they age, which is a big source of calcium for the body. 

So, women over 50 need to pay attention to their calcium intake to make sure they get enough to protect their bone health. Sources of calcium beyond milk include orange juice and dark green leafy vegetables. 

Vitamin B-12

Another consideration for women over the age of 50 is brain health. There are many things a woman can do to maintain a healthy brain. One concern is that women don’t absorb nutrients the same way they once did at a younger age. This can impact brain health. 

One important vitamin for both healthy red blood cells and brain function is Vitamin B-12. A woman in her 50s wants to make sure she is getting enough B-12 to support brain function.

Foods like eggs, milk, lean meats, fish, and fortified foods like cereals and grains are good sources of Vitamin B-12.

Check out diet supplies to help get the nutrients you need for living healthy in your 50s.

Make These Best Diet Changes in Your Life

While a few might mourn turning 50, most women will celebrate this milestone in their life. Lots of great things can happen once you reach a half-century. But it’s important for women in this age range to practice these best diet changes to maintain optimal health and wellness. 

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