Use These Techniques to Make Your Home and Garden Flow


We can often think of our houses and gardens as separate spaces. One of them is inside and the other outside, and you probably use them for different purposes. But for a lot of people, both spaces are for living in. Whether you sit and chat, cook or run around with the kids, all of these things can take place inside or out. It makes sense then that your house and backyard should be more unified. They should feel like one space that flows well, instead of two entirely separate places that don’t seem to match. If you want your home to flow more smoothly, here are some of the things you can do.


Use Plants Inside

The key to matching up the two spaces is to take the inside outside and vice versa. So putting plants in your house can help to unify it with your garden. You can start with some potted and hanging plants, which will help you make your house look fresh and lively. However, you can also take it further. If you want to put more effort into adding some greenery to your home, you could consider a more complex feature. Pick some areas in your home where you could focus on planting an inbuilt feature to help nature take root in your house.


Set Up an Outdoor Living Area

As well as taking the outdoors inside, you can take the inside outside. Creating an outdoor living area is a fantastic way of making use of your yard. Many people will build a patio or deck, where the can sit or enjoy a barbecue. But you can go even further and create a large outdoor living space. You could start by extending the roof of your house, so it connects directly to the building. But instead of solid walls, you can leave it open with solid pillars. When you want some extra protection from the sun, or perhaps the wind or rain, you can use some folding walls. Or you could install outdoor blinds, which you can pull down to give you some shade. Your living area could have a kitchen, a television, and more.

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Get French Doors

It can help if you don’t have too much of a barrier between your house and the backyard. You can change the door leading outside to make it more open. Installing French doors is an excellent idea for several reasons. Firstly, you have a better view of outside when you’re inside. If the doors lead out from your living room or kitchen, you can sit or stand and watch what’s happening outside. Plus, you’ll get plenty of light coming into your home. When the weather’s warm, you can have the doors open and walk in and out of the house with ease.


Build a Conservatory

Another way you can enjoy the backyard from inside is by installing a conservatory. If you have space at the back or side of your house, it can be a beautiful place to sit. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors even in the winter because you can heat it up and look out the windows. It doesn’t have to be an especially large space. You just need enough room to sit and have a drink or curl up with a book.


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Install a Pool or Water Feature

You could also make the inside flow outside using water. If you want to put in a swimming pool, it could start off inside and flow outside. You could do the same with a water feature of some kind too. Putting a water feature anywhere in the house could be a good idea, especially if you combine it with plants. It’s another way of bringing the outside of your home inside.


Don’t Forget the Front of Your House

As well as paying attention to your backyard, you can think about the front and the sides of your home too. Use the entrance to your home to set the tone for the rest of the property. Use the structure of your home to mix the inside and the outside. Put potted plants on your front steps or hang baskets on your porch. The front of your home can be a small garden too, and you can even use it as a living space. If you have room, you could have a small table and chairs at the front of your house for enjoying the warmer weather.


The inside and outside of your home don’t have to be two separate spaces that don’t match. Remove the barrier between them to create a more coherent home.

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