Vacuum Cleaner Uses You Hadn’t Thought Of…. Until Now!

LG cordzero C5

Nearly all homes have a vacuum cleaner to clean floors but did you know they could do more than just clean your carpet, tiles, wood and other flooring covering? Did you know that most people don’t use their vacuum cleaner attachments?

The new LG CordZero C5 canister vacuum cleaner comes with carpet and bare floor head attachments and upholstery, dust and nozzle attachments. The LG CordZero canister is also cordless and compact in design, so you can take it just about anywhere.

Anyway, I put the LG CordZero’s attachments to good use and this is what I came up with:

1. Dusting

Nearly all vacuum cleaners come with a dusting attachment now. Dusting using your vacuum provides a more hygienic and efficient way of collecting the dust that has accumulated on our furniture and blinds. The dusting attachment can also be used to dust light fittings and suck up cobwebs.

2. Upholstery 

Sofas, chairs, drapes and our cars all need a good vacuum regularly. Our sofas and chairs are a breeding ground of dust, food and skin cells. Add in a pet (or two) and you have something going on that your really don’t want to know about. So, regular vacuuming of your upholstery is vital to healthy living… and a clean sofa!

Don’t forget to vacuum your mattress and bedding, especially if you have a cat or dog regularly keep you company on your bed. There is nothing worse than pet fur over everything.


3. Keep your appliances dust free

Did you know you are supposed to vacuum your appliances? Computers can overheat if the fan vent is clogged with dust, keyboards can cease to function properly if they have dust, crumbs etc amongst the keys, monitors can also overheat if the vent on the back is covered in dust. The same goes for TV’s and speakers. Gaming units also need regular dusting to keep them working properly.

4. Brush your pet

Yes, really! You can buy a brush attachment for vacuums that you brush your bet with, push a button and the brushed off fur ends up in the vacuum cleaner. Very clever, isn’t it? No floating pet fur!

LG cordzero deck 1

5. Nozzle attachment

This attachment is essential for going along the edges of your carpet and skirting boards but did you also know you can use it in hard to reach areas like along the bottom of the shower screen, sliding outdoor door tracks and window tracks. It is also great for cleaning flyscreens and cornices.

#Gifted. We were gifted a LG Cordless C5 vacuum from LG & Social Soup in accordance with our disclosure policy.

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